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About Sony PlayStation 4
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Sony PlayStation 4 Video Game Console
Sony PlayStation 4
Octa-core 1.6 GHz
Internal Storage
500 GB
Maximum Games Resolution
Optical Drive
Backwards Compatibility
USB 3.0, HDMI, Digital Optical, Aux, Ethernet
Release Year

Ratings & Reviews

Average Ratings of all

Average Ratings of all 4.7
6266 average ratings

97% Good graphics

97% Fun

95% Good value

Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles

On November 15, 2013, Sony launched its video game console, the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 is primarily used by home gaming enthusiasts. With its recent changes, this game console facilitates the growing social interactions between PlayStation devices.

What is the controller count for the PS4 gaming console?

The PlayStation 4 box contains one DualShock 4 controller, which is charged by the additional micro-USB cable. The power cable, HDMI cable, and mono headset are other relevant components that come in the PlayStation 4 box.

How much hard drive space is available on the PS4?

The PlayStation 4 is now equipped with 500GB of hard drive. The Sony PlayStation 4 system no longer comes equipped with 20, 60 or 80GB of space. The larger amount of space is needed to accommodate the increased game sizes that are compatible with the PS4 game console.

What are the features of the Sony PlayStation 4 camera?

The Sony PS4 camera has motion sensor capabilities. It has two 1280 by 800 pixel lenses that directly coincide with the varied operation modes. When the two PS4 cameras are used together, they offer depth sensing for objects in their fields of vision. You can assign different tasks to each camera. One can be used for the video image while the other can be simultaneously used to track motion.

Can you watch Blu-ray on the Sony PS4?

Yes. Along with Blu-ray, the PlayStation 4 also supports DVD playback with optional 3D capabilities. There is a media player app that allows you to listen to your music playlists from DLNA servers and USB drives.

What is included with the PlayStation Network on the PS4?

The Sony PlayStation 4 Network is a digital media entertainment outlet that extends access to many online services for PS4 game console owners.

  • The PlayStation Store allows users to retrieve downloadable games. Other downloadable content includes game add-ons, demos for featured games, console themes and game trailers.
  • The PlayStation Plus subscription service gives PS4 owners premium features. With this added service, users gain access to upcoming games, betas, and discounts before they are released to the public.
  • PlayStation Music offers premium access to over 30 million music tracks to stream at your leisure across 41 markets on the PlayStation Network.
  • The PlayStation Video subscription service allows console owners the ability to access a variety of their preferred movies and TV shows.
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