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Sony PlayStation 4 1 TB Video Game Consoles

In addition to being a game console system that plays hundreds of titles, Sony PlayStation 4 provides a Blu-ray player for your movie collection and two USB ports for easy transfer of music and photos. This game hardware offers a 1 TB hard drive that is designed to store all of the games you download and any files you transfer over to the gaming device. It is compatible with 1080P high-definition resolution for clear and detailed graphics and picture quality.

What's the difference between PS4 Slim and Pro consoles?

When you are selecting one of these PlayStation 4 consoles, you'll find Standard Edition, Slim, and Pro models available. A PlayStation 4 Slim console is merely a revision of the Standard Edition. As the name implies, however, it is more compact than the original. Despite this smaller form, the internal components within the Standard and Slim versions are practically identical.

As for the PlayStation Pro console, this is a mid-generation upgrade that offers advanced components but plays the exact same games as the original models. The Pro delivers a boost in the central and graphics processing units of the standard model. This allows it to play select games at an ultra-high resolution. Aside from these differences, all of the models include similar specifications and features, such as the inclusion of high-dynamic-range imaging for a crisp and colorful picture.

Do these consoles come in different colors?

While most of these consoles are made in black, there are also some other color choices. Many of these consoles have been manufactured in white and gold. Additional color choices include green, blue, silver, and red. It is also possible to find some models in a camouflage color. As you peruse the available models, you will notice that some are outfitted with a unique pattern alongside a base color. For instance, some of these Sony video game consoles are equipped with an orange and black pattern taken from the "Call of Duty: Black Ops III" video game.

What do the different region codes mean with these consoles?

When you're getting ready to choose a PlayStation 4, you'll notice that they come in a variety of different region codes. For instance, the NTSC-J code indicates that the system can only be used in Japan. American and Canadian users will need to get models with the NTSC-UC designation. If you find a PAL listing on the device, this indicates that it can be used primarily in most of Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and South America. However, the majority of these consoles are region-free, which means that they can be used in any region regardless of where they were bought.

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