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Sony PS3 Wireless Video Game Controllers & Attachments

The rumble and vibrations from the game transfers to the player's hand of the gamepad and joystick for the PS3 system. The wireless aspect of the controller means that you'll be able to play with more than two people without tripping over the wires. There's no hesitation or delay with the wireless device either.

What is DualShock 3?

The DualShock 3 is a wireless controller for the Sony PS3 system. The DualShock 3 controller has motion-sensing technology for the PS3, so each time players move their hand using the wireless controller, the Bluetooth controller for the PS3 will move with them. Each crash or hit in the game will cause the DualShock 3 wireless controller to shake in the player's hand.

Is the PS3 controller Bluetooth?

The PS3 controller is plugged into the PS3 game console to charge, but once it has a charge, it uses Bluetooth technology to be completely wireless. When the charge is low on the wireless Sony DualShock 3, it'll have to be plugged into the USB connected to the system.

How do you connect DualShock controllers to the PS3?

After being removed from the packaging, the PS3 DualShock controller needs to be paired with the Sony PS3. The Playstation has to recognize the controller to see it with the Bluetooth. Before turning on the gaming system, plug the controller into the USB cable. While it works wirelessly, it needs to be paired with the Playstation console first. After the PS3 is turned on, press the PS home button. You'll need to assign a number to the PS3 controller for it to be recognized. This is especially true if you are pairing more than one controller to the PS3. When the menu for the PS3 pops up, you'll select settings to reassign the controller. Once setup is completed, you're ready to start gaming.

Which colors does the wireless controller come in?

The PS3 controller comes in a variety of colors, and in some cases, two colors. Some of these options include:

  • Blue, red, black, orange, yellow, and silver
  • Gold and black, black and red, and white and black
  • Camouflage in white, black, and green
How long is the battery life for the PS3 controller?

The battery time will depend on the age of the PS3 device. When it's fresh out of the package, the DualShock 3 needs to be charged for six hours to be full. It can last approximately 20 hours of game time before needing a recharge.

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