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Changing Up Your Console Colors

The Sony PlayStation 3 debuted back in 2006 and over the decade has amassed an incredibly large library of games. The console is available in 3 different models; PS (original model), PS Slim, and PS Super Slim. All have varying features, and this can make it quite challenging to pick the model that is perfect for you. However, you should note that only the PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim are available in white color.

What Considerations to Appearance am I Making When Choosing a PS3 Console?

Not only has Sony changed how the PlayStation 3 consoles look over the years, but they have also made changes to some system technical aspects. Before you pick a PS3, you should consider which variation is for you. Some good considerations are:

  • Size: Alongside the console design, size is the most defining feature among the three different PlayStation 3 models. The first model is large and heavy, with the Slim and Super Slim models on the more compact side.
  • Color: The PS3 slim and PS3 Super Slim are available in four different colors. Gamers can choose between black, red, blue and of course, white.

What Are the Features of the PS3 Console?

  • Backward compatibility: If you are looking to play PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 video games alongside your PS3 titles, then you should consider getting the original PS3. Even so, only the first versions of the PS3 are backward compatible and able to play games from PS1 and PS2. 
  • Performance: In designing the PlayStation 3 Slim and PlayStation 3 Super Slim, Sony totally overhauled the original version, resulting in slimmer and quieter consoles without sacrificing performance. In fact, the newer versions are more powerful and faster. The Slim and Super Slim systems are more energy efficient.
  • Hard drive disk: When the original PS3 was released, it was available with either a 20, 40, 60 or 80 GB hard disk drive. The PlayStation 3 Slim has better storage and depending on your storage needs you can opt for either the 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB and 320 GB version. The PS3 Super Slim has an even larger storage with the model available with either a 500 GB HDD and a 12 GB flash memory. And with the number of games available for download on the Sony PlayStation network rapidly increasing, you might want to go for the version that matches your gaming needs.

The PS3 Slim and PS3 Super Slim systems feature Blu-ray capabilities allowing gamers to insert both game and video discs. In addition, the video games consoles come with a DualShock controller and spot an HDMI port for an HD gaming experience.

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