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Countless Titles for Hours of Play: Sony PS3 Consoles

he PlayStation 3 or PS3 is a video game console with internet access and media-streaming capabilities. First released in 2006, the Sony PS3 is part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. As the successor to the PlayStation 2 console, and predecessor to the PlayStation 4, it has many updated features that allow users to not only game but utilize other multimedia applications. Browse the available models on eBay in conditions from new in box to refurbished to used, giving you a multitude of options at different price points.

How Many Controllers Does a PlayStation 3 Support?

The Sony PS3 console allows up to seven controllers to be connected by Bluetooth technology. Once a controller is charged, you may hold down the Sony PS3 button in the middle until the red lights on the device flash. Shortly after, it will connect to the Sony PS3 and be ready to use.

How Can You Upgrade the Hard Drive?

The hard disk or hard drive of a PlayStation 3 is responsible for holding and reading game information for the system to use. You may upgrade the hard disk in your PS3 console to replace with a large-capacity drive that holds more files and reads data faster. To remove the PlayStation hard disk:

  • Flip the Sony PS3 over so you have access to the back and pry off the screw access door with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Remove the screw that is under the access door.
  • Slide the hard disk cover to the side, and pull it away from the front edge of the Sony PS3.
  • Pull the hard disk out of the PlayStation, and unscrew the four screws securing it to the drive tray.
  • Place the upgraded hard disk in the drive tray of the PlayStation, and secure everything as it was before.

Will a Sony PlayStation 3 Play PlayStation 2 Console Games?

All current PlayStation 3 consoles can play the original PlayStation console games. However, not all systems will run PlayStation 2 gaming CDs. Most of the PlayStation 3 consoles first introduced, such as the 20 GB and 60 GB, have backward compatibility with PS2 chips in them, therefore allowing them to run PS2 games. More recent models like the PS3 Slim console do not have PS2 chips in them and cannot run PS2 games.

Can You Watch Video-Streaming Applications on a PS3?

Yes, you can. In fact, most models, including the PS3, allow you to watch video-streaming applications and connect to the internet. Many of these applications are downloadable through the PlayStation Store. Once downloaded and installed, you may begin using the application. This Hanukkah, hive your college student a multifunctional machine that runs games but also allows them to access their Netflix account while away from home. Know they are returning to school after the New Year with all the multimedia comforts they enjoy at home.

Can Other Console Brand Games or CDs Work in It?

Although it can launch PS1 games, they will not launch PS4 games, other consoles, or platform games. Make sure the game you are trying to run in the PlayStation 3 is made for it, or it will not work. Aside from gaming CDs, Blu-ray discs and a wide variety of other multimedia devices can be hooked up, inserted, and read by the PlayStation 3. For a sibling, child, spouse, or parent looking for a machine to run their media on, this gaming console doubles and triples as a music player and a Blu-Ray and DVD player for their movie collections.