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Sony PlayStation 3 Motherboards

Whether you are a PlayStation 3 technician or a gamer who is dealing with their own damaged PS3 motherboard, you can find replacement motherboards that will get you back to playing your favorite video games.

What does a PlayStation 3 motherboard do?

A PS3 motherboard allows important components inside the system to communicate with each other. When even a portion of a motherboard has been damaged, other parts of the board may not function properly, causing the console to overheat and completely power down.

What are some signs your PS3 motherboard may need replacement?

The symptoms of a damaged PS3 console can be different depending on what components are damaged. If the components themselves are not damaged, the motherboard may be the culprit. Some common signs of a faulty PS3 motherboard include:

  • System not powering up or the motherboard not accepting power at all.
  • Severe overheating.
  • Before the console shuts down, a red light comes on.
  • USB or HDMI ports don't work after replacing USB/HDMI controller ICs.
  • The console doesn't connect to a network or Bluetooth.
What type of PlayStation 3 motherboard do you need?

Before making a purchase, check to see what version of Sony PlayStation 3 console you have and what hard drive capacity it has. You can find the serial number and model number at the back of your system on a white bar. There are also two different sizes of Sony PlayStation 3: a slim version and a standard version. Some examples of PS3 model numbers include:

  • CECHB01 - 20GB
  • CECHK01 - 80GB
  • CECH-2001B - 250GB
  • CECH-3001B - 320GB
  • CECH-4001C - 500GB

Once you've found the model number, hard drive capacity, and style of your system, you will need to find the exact replacement mainboard.

What tools do you need to replace a PS3 motherboard?

Some PS3 boards may be beyond repair and require a complete replacement. You can replace a motherboard yourself or have a third-party PS3 console technician do the job. Keep in mind that making modifications to your console might void manufacturer or retailer warranties. If you still have valid warranties, consult the manufacturer beforehand attempting any repairs on your own.

To replace a mainboard, you will need to disassemble the entirety of the system, removing and disconnecting all of the components, like the hard drive, power supply, fans, ribbon cables, power switches, and Blu-ray drive. Some tools you may need include:

  • Torx screwdriver set
  • Spudger
  • Phillips 00 and 1 screwdrivers
  • Arctic Silver ArctiClean and Arctic Silver thermal paste
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