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Laser Parts to Refresh Your Sony PlayStation 3

If your Sony PS3 disc drive or laser parts are in disrepair, your system will not be able to read your favorite discs, whether they are music, movies, or video games. Instead of replacing your entire PlayStation 3 console, consider purchasing replacement laser parts or complete disc drives to repair your console.

How can you diagnose a failing PS3 laser lens part?

In some cases, your Sony PlayStation 3 laser lens may not read a disc because the lens has dust or particles on the surface. Before replacing parts, consider inserting a lens cleaning disc, which will cycle through several tracks to sweep dust particles off the lens.

However, if a lens cleaning disc does not read properly, then there may be damage to the circuits or parts of the disc drive or lens, and replacement may be necessary. If you decide to replace the lens, keep in mind that you will have to disassemble your PlayStation console to access the laser part. Some common symptoms of broken or damaged laser parts include:

  • CDs taking too long to load, resulting in the disc-eject sound
  • Game icons not showing up, even when the CD has loaded properly
  • Repeated clicking noises after a CD is inserted into your PlayStation
What laser part do you need for your PlayStation 3?

If you conclude that your Sony PS3 lens or Blu-ray disc drive is in fact broken or damaged, you will need to find the correct part for the model and original hard drive size of your console. You will normally find the model number on a white tag located on the back side of your system. The hard drive size and model number will also be shown in the PlayStation settings menu under System Information.

Besides the model number and hard drive size, you will also need to find out whether your Sony PlayStation 3 is a slim- or fat-shell style console since their different-size lenses will fit differently. Here are examples of PS 3 model numbers and hard drive sizes:

  • CECHG01: 40GB
  • CECHK01: 80GB
  • CECH-3001A: 160GB
How do you fix a Sony PlayStation 3 laser part?

Once you have determined which laser lens part you will need for your Sony PlayStation 3 console, you can begin manual repair. If you're not comfortable fixing your PS3 yourself, you can send it to Sony or a third-party repair shop.

To access the laser part inside a Sony PlayStation 3 console, you will need to completely open and disassemble the console using special tools. Check a Sony PlayStation 3 laser lens repair guide for disassembly and assembly advice. Tools you will need include:

  • A T10 Torx screwdriver set
  • Phillips 1 and 00 screwdriver sets
  • A spudger or other pry tool
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