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Replacing the Internal Cooling Fan in a Sony PlayStation 3

Does the internal cooling fan inside your Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) console make a loud noise when you're playing games? It may be time to replace that cooling fan. Find the right internal fan for your PlayStation 3 and learn more about it here.

What signs indicate that an internal cooling fan needs replacement?

PS3 internal cooling fans can fail over a long period of time, and they also can fail suddenly while you're playing games, depending on the cause of the failure. Usually, you will notice the warning signs of a failing internal fan long before it completely stops working.

Here are some of the things that indicate potential problems with the fan in a PlayStation 3:

  • Yellow warning light: The PlayStation 3 comes with a yellow warning light that turns on when it encounters an internal problem, such as an issue that prevents the PS3 system from starting or continuing to run. This light on the PS3 console can indicate many possible internal system malfunctions, but one of the common ones with a PS3 console is an overheated motherboard. This may be caused by a system failure or a failed internal cooling fan.
  • Unusual noises: Often, fans fail mechanically when the bearings wear out. Worn bearings can create high-pitched whining or grinding sounds when the console is being used. Eventually, a failed bearing will cause the fan to slow down or stop spinning, allowing your PlayStation 3 system to overheat.
  • No CPU fan noise: If you cannot hear the fan running at all, your PlayStation 3 system fan may have a power-related problem that's causing the fan to stay off. That could be caused by an issue with the internal fan or the motherboard's heatsink. Usually, an electrical connection in the fan has failed, and the heatsink cannot dissipate enough heat.
What fan brands can be used in a PlayStation 3?

If a cooling fan physically fits the PlayStation 3 and uses the same amount of power as the original fan, it can be installed and used. However, a laptop fan not designed for the Sony PlayStation 3 may not create enough airflow to keep the machine cool. This is why it is important to make sure the replacement cooling fan you buy is made for your model of the PlayStation 3. It needs the right specifications to be able to keep the thermal temperature in the proper range.

What are OEM parts for the PlayStation console?

The acronym OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Sony is the original PlayStation manufacturer, and they make replacement components for the PS3 console. When you see the term OEM applied to spare parts for a PlayStation console, it means that the part was made by Sony for the PlayStation console.

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