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Experience Classic Gaming Freedom with Wireless Sony Playstation 1 Controllers

The Sony Playstation 1 (or PSX/PS1) controller brought new technology to the gaming space in the form of dual analog sticks shortly after release. Along with a host of classic titles, the PS1 gamepad set a standard for console games that has lasted for decades. With a wireless controller, you can relive classic PS gaming without being tethered by wires. No longer will you fear ripping your console from its place on your TV stand after a hard-fought victory.

Will this controller work with any generation of Playstation 1?

The original PS console only had one universal device port, and this same link-up was used on both the original PS and the PS2. Wireless PSX devices should work across all generations of the PS. You may need to disable the device's analog sticks to get it to work with games that don't support analog function.

How do you choose the right PSX controller?

While most PSX devices will follow the classic PS design, there are a few exceptions. When looking at a PSX device, it's important to take a few things into consideration:

  • Is the overall design comfortable for long-term use? You may find yourself using it for extended gaming sessions, and it should be ergonomically fit for long hours of play. If it isn't comfortable, that can result in a negative experience.
  • Is it too large or too small for your hands? Can you reach all the buttons comfortably? These don't follow the "one-size-fits-all" mantra. They can vary in size and shape, and some may be designed for larger or smaller hands. Being able to easily reach all the buttons on the gamepad will make for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Do you like the aesthetics of the gamepad? You could be looking at it for long periods of time. Does it have an exterior aesthetic that makes you want to pick it up again and again?
  • Will this gamepad work with all your games? Does it have any features that may not be usable on the titles you wish to play? There are some games that won't make use of all the gamepad's features. Early PSX titles, for example, usually do not support analog stick or vibration functionality. Some gamepads may also have turbo or other special features that have limited use on some titles.

Be sure to find a gamepad that meets your own unique needs when selecting one for your console.

Are Playstation 2 controllers compatible with the PSX?

It will vary from title to title and controller to controller, but there is a limited amount of compatibility between PSX and PS2 gamepads. Since they share the same controller port design, you will be able to plug a PSX device into a PS2 and vice versa, but they may not always work unless they have been designed to. Some gamepads were made to work with both and will have a high rate of compatibility between consoles and titles.

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