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Sony PlayStation 1 Video Game Memory Cards and Expansion Packs

Since its founding in 1946, the Sony Corporation has been producing gaming consoles and accessories. Like with many early examples of home gaming systems, the PS1 utilized memory cards for saving game progress. It also featured several expansion packs that added additional content to different games.

How much space is on a Sony PlayStation memory card?

A PS1 memory card contains 15 "blocks" worth of space, totaling a single megabyte of space. In most cases, a game will only take up a single block worth of space and can be saved or loaded from that block whenever a player wishes to examine their progress.

How many memory cards can a PS1 hold at once?

The standard Sony PlayStation has the capability of holding two memory cards at a time, meaning players could potentially save up to two megabytes worth of data without needing to switch between them.

Can you delete or save over data on memory cards?

Yes, a PS1 memory card gives the console owner the ability to save over or completely delete any data they have saved to a card simply by accessing the memory card's manager area. This can also be done in a game when a save is prompted, with players having final say over where they would like to save their progress and whether or not it is okay to override another saved file.

Can saved files be transferred between two different memory cards?

Save files can be transferred between two different cards if one desires. By accessing the memory card manager (turning on the Sony PlayStation without a game inside it and navigating to that menu), a person with two memory cards plugged into the console can move save files between the two cards. If doing this, do not remove either card until transfer is complete, as the file may be corrupted if the memory card is removed prematurely.

How are PS1 expansion packs used by the console's games?

Unlike digital expansion packs of later consoles, those used on the PlayStation 1 were only available via a separate game disk. To use an expansion pack, a player must have the game it expands upon on hand. First, they must load up the expansion disk, then remove it to load the main game. Finally, they will need to remove the game and reinsert the expansion disk, at which point they will be able to play the expanded content.

Where does the PS1 memory card plug into a system?

A PS1 memory card can be inserted into one of the two memory card slots on the PS1 console's front. These two slots are located next to one another parallel to the two controller slots.

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