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A Quick Guide to the Sony PlayStation 1 Video Game Console

The PlayStation 1 is Sony’s original video game console that launched an iconic brand. Featuring hit games like “Gran Turismo,” “Final Fantasy VII,” “Resident Evil,” and “Metal Gear Solid,” the original PlayStation was one of the first major consoles to begin pushing full 3D graphics in 1994. It was eventually discontinued in 2006, but you can find pre-owned PlayStations for sale on eBay.

Reasons to buy a used PlayStation 1 console

By purchasing an affordable used PlayStation 1 console on eBay, you can add it to your personal gaming collection. The original hardware is one of the few ways to play PS1 games on physical media as they were originally designed to be played (though the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 will also play PS1 games). If you are attempting to hook up a PlayStation 1 to an HDMI television, then you will likely need some kind of adapter to make it work.

What are the main types of PlayStation 1 models?

Sony released two distinct types of PS1 consoles:

  • Original PlayStation hardware: The original PlayStation hardware can be identified by the larger and boxier design. The earlier version of this console came with a non-analog controller. Starting around 1997, Sony introduced the DualShock controller, which incorporated two analog stick and rumble technology. The original hardware has two controller ports for local multiplayer. If you want to expand the number of players, then you will need the four-player multitap peripheral.
  • PS One: The PS One is a smaller, lighter version of the original PlayStation hardware. First released in the summer of 2000, the console is fully compatible with the entire library of PlayStation 1 games, but peripheral compatibility is not guaranteed. The PS One comes with a DualShock standard out of the box. Like its predecessor, the PS One also has two controller ports.

Do you need a separate memory card with the PlayStation 1?

The PlayStation 1 requires the use of a separate memory card peripheral to save any type of game data, whether it’s game states, replays, or statistics. These memory cards are proprietary to the PlayStation 1, but they will also work with the PS2. They plug into the front of the system near the controller ports. The typical card saves around a megabyte of data.

Region-locking system

The original PlayStation hardware has a region-locking system which prevents you from playing games that originate from a different region than the console itself. Europe, North America, and Japan are considered different regions. It is possible to mod the console to make it region-free, however.

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