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Sony PSP Video Game Batteries

The PlayStation video game console is a handheld console made by the Sony Corporation. It has a large library of games, videos, and more in a portable format. In order to keep your PSP up and running, you'll need to find a replacement battery pack every few years to ensure optimal charging and power storage.

How are batteries replaced on a Sony PSP?

Sony purposely designed most versions of the PSP, including the slim PSP-3000, to make battery replacement easy. The 3.7v 1800mAh replacement battery for Sony Playstation 3 Controller PS3 is an example of a battery that can be used. To replace Sony PSP video game batteries on a console, simply follow these steps.

  1. Slide open the cover on the back of the PSP.
  2. Check the installed battery. Find numbers that end with mAh, such as 1200mAh. These numbers will tell you the kind of Sony battery currently installed. If the pre-installed Sony pack is missing or damaged, you can also find the correct replacement by model number. The original PSP-1000 uses two different battery types. However, other models, including the PSP-3000 use an entirely different type.
  3. Match model number to battery type. The PSP-3000 uses 1200mAh and the PSP-1000 can use either 1800mAh or 2200mAh. The 2200mAh is a larger battery with longer life. Note that PSP-3000 cannot use PSP-1000 packs and vice versa. 1200mAh is a smaller, more portable version, which is partly why this model is called "slim."
  4. Once you've acquired the appropriate battery for your device, slide it into place and put the cover back on. If the battery is not charged already, do so before turning on the PSP.
How long will a Sony PSP battery last?

Battery life typically depends on several factors, including usage and storage conditions. In general, lithium-ion batteries last for several years. In order to make the most of your battery, always store it securely at room temperature. When the battery is not in the device, keep the battery pack away from other objects, especially any type of metallic objects that can damage the leads.

Is it possible to keep spare battery packs on hand?

Yes, you can safely store and keep spare packs on hand, so long as they are kept in a safe place. You can swap out batteries as needed to double game time without needing an external pack so long as another fully charged battery is available to do so.

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