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Keep Gaming During Your Travels Using Sony PSP Buttons

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is the on-the-go version of Sony's video game system. It includes a directional pad and attached buttons that take the place of a standard controller. If any of the buttons on your portable PlayStation device are failing, it is possible to change them out and get the device working properly again.

What buttons does the PlayStation Portable have?

A complete list of the PSP's button layout can help you determine what buttons you need and their precise positions on the device. Note that the functions of each button can change depending on which game you are playing. While the layout can change slightly depending on the system model you are using, most PSPs include the following button combinations:

  • Cursors: The device has cursors on the upper left and upper right sides.
  • Directional pad: A D-pad has directional arrows at the four compass points and is typically used to move your game avatar or to select in-game objects.
  • A thumb stick: The directional thumb stick may replace the features of a traditional joystick; it is located next to the D-pad.
  • Adjustment buttons: The front of the device includes switches that allow you to adjust the levels for both volume and brightness.
  • Shapes: The right side of the portable PlayStation includes circular action buttons that feature various symbols.
How do you replace PSP buttons?

The precise steps for installing new switches into your device's interface may vary depending on the model you are using and what you need to replace. However, you may be able to use these steps as a guideline:

  • Remove the battery: Take off the battery case and remove the battery from its housing.
  • Front casing: Remove the screws from the front casing and separate the outer layer from the inner system.
  • Locate the backing: Each switch should have a rubber backing facing you on the inside of the case. Locate and remove the backing for the button you need to replace.
  • Insert the new item: Place the new switch of your choice in the slot and reattach the rubber backing. All controller interfaces fit in the casing only one way.
  • Reattach the case: Fit the case back together and reattach any screws.
How do you clean PSP buttons?

Dirt and debris may cause a button to stick and lessen its functionality. If this happens, you can use a clean, damp cloth to remove any buildup around the outer edges of the button. You can wipe off any excess moisture with a dry cloth before using the system again.

What PSP models are there?

If you want to find controller accessories that are compatible with your PSP, there are three primary models available:

  • PSP-1000.
  • PSP-2000.
  • PSP-3000.
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