Film Quality Videos with the Sony Nex VG30

You can record many types of videos with the Sony Nex VG30, including creative films, sporting events, and home videos. If you're interested in making a career out of videography, you can practice with this video camera. You can find the Sony Nex VG30 on eBay either new or used, depending on which condition you want.

Can you shoot HD videos with the Sony Nex VG30?

Yes, you can shoot HD videos with this camcorder. It's equipped with a 16.1MP APS-C size Exmor R CMOS sensor to let you record HD videos. The sensor is designed to help establish a cinematic look. Because the lens is interchangeable, you can have more control over how your videos turn out and additional possibilities in creativity. Make sure the lenses you want to use are compatible with the video camera and swap them out as needed. With the Sony Nex VG30, you can also choose to film in 24p or 60p frame rates.

Can you record in surround sound?

Yes, you have the option of recording in stereo or surround sound based on your preference for the video. This Sony camcorder is equipped with an integrated Quad Capsule Spatial Array microphone. The microphone's multi-directional design gives you the ability to record in either stereo or surround sound.

What is an E-mount lens?

This camcorder features an E-mount power lens, a type of lens mount designed by Sony, that is capable of 11x zoom. You can control the zoom with a lever on the camera's body. The lever is intended to help smoothen the zoom. E-mount cameras are capable of using A-mount lenses with an adapter. The E-mount camcorder has a flange focal distance of 18 mm. Because of this feature, the camera uses an electronic viewfinder. You can find different types of E-mount lenses on eBay to use with this video camera.

What are other features of the Sony Nex VG30?

Additional features of this Sony video camera are:

  • OLED viewfinder: On the camera's viewfinder, you can preview how the video appears in an OLED screen. It provides 100% picture view.
  • LCD touchscreen monitor: With the camera's LCD touchscreen monitor, you have more flexibility in operating the camera. The touchscreen monitor is also adjustable.
  • Assignable dial and quick access buttons: The camcorder's assignable dial and quick access buttons let you change white balance, exposure, iris, and other aspects while recording.
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