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Useful Information When Choosing Sony Hi8 Camcorder Tapes and Discs

Since technology changes so rapidly, you may find yourselves in possession of a perfectly good Sony Hi8 Camcorder, but you might have trouble finding some of the accessories and related equipment necessary for your older video camera. Nevertheless, Sony Hi8 camcorder tapes and discs can still be found. You can still use your camera once you've found an avenue to buy the related equipment you need.

How do you purchase cassettes that will work?
  • First: Try to locate an unused, unopened package to purchase.
  • Next: Look for a package with more items than you initially need for your video projects in order to make up for any possible difficulties associated with older equipment.
  • Then: Ensure the maximum amount of time that can be recorded is suitable with your purposes in using the product.
  • Finally: Make sure the products in any package you consider are compatible with your camcorder.
How do you ensure compatibility between camcorders and tapes?

Simply check all the specifications of the package to make sure the following criteria are present:

  • Brand: The contents of the package should be Sony products just like your Camcorder.
  • Format: Check the video format listed on the package label as the contents will need to be the same Hi8 format as your video camera.
  • Size: Compare the size of the products you're considering with the size that your camera requires to make sure they will fit.
How do you watch a video after recording it?

There is no VHS adapter to watch content you've recorded onto a Hi8, 8mm tape. Instead, you will need to convert that content into an appropriate medium in which you can watch what you've just filmed. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. For the first option, plug your Camcorder's AV output connections into your TV's AV output connections. Then choose the appropriate input on your TV and press "Play" on your Hi8 Camcorder in order to view your video. For the second option, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Plug your camera directly into either a VCR or DVD recorder. Then switch the VCR or DVD recorder from tuner to AV inputs so that you can convert the content on your Camcorder into a VHS tape or DVD disc.
  • Step 2: Plug your Camcorder's AV cables into the AV inputs of the VCR or DVD recorder.
  • Step 3: Put the Camcorder tape you copied to convert into the camera and a blank VHS or DVD disc into the VCR or DVD recorder.
  • Step 4: Press "Record" on your VCR or DVD recorder and a few seconds later, press "Play" on your camera. The TV must stay on the same channel or input setting as when you watch a VHS or DVD video.
  • Step 5: When the copy is complete, stop both devices. Next, play back the new tape to make sure the conversion occurred properly, and return the TV and VCR or DVD recorder to their prior settings.
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