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Making the Most of Cassette Players with Custom Tapes

They might not be the most modern form of media around, but people still use cassette tapes for recording audio, creating mix tapes, and general music listening. Sony first released the cassette tape or compact cassette in 1968, with the Walkman, their portable cassette player, following shortly after. If you own a cassette recorder or tape decks and want to get some use out of them still, there are a few different types of tapes to consider.

What Types of Cassette Tapes Are There?

Sony released cassette tapes from 1968 through to 2001, and in that time, there were many variations. The majority of their cassettes were for personal users but offered the same quality that would go to professionals. Here are just some of the features that came with their cassettes.

  • High fidelity: Recording on a tape, especially copying, often leads to a degradation in quality. The brand's Hi-Fi range offers a clearer audio experience for music listeners with fewer drawbacks.
  • Varying lengths: One category these tapes came in was how much time they could play for, depending on their storage. Common lengths included 90 minutes and 60 minutes.
  • Shell material: The first cassette tapes featured a plastic shell but later variations like the Metal Masters used a ceramic composite.
  • Purpose: Some cassette tapes released with music and audio already on them, and others were blank and ready for recording.
  • Bulk: Cassettes can come singularly or in a bulk pack, usually for a discount.

How Can You Use the Tapes?

Although people tend to stream music or download MP3s onto their storage devices, there are still many ways you can use a cassette. Provided you have the right technology to use it with, here are a few options:

  • Music: Listening to a tape is possible with devices like a Walkman, combined cassette and CD player, or other technology that has the right slot.
  • Recording audio: With the right tape recorder, you can record sounds to document conversations or record music from the radio or a CD.
  • Upcycling: Those who loves arts and crafts collect cassette tapes for upcycling, to create something new.

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