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Sony Cassette Players

Sony cassette players let you take all your favorite cassette tapes with you. First released in 1979, the Walkman has a number of fans today who love vintage audio gear. This is just one of the players that you can buy today.

What is the Sony Walkman?

The Sony Walkman was one of the first portable tape players on the market. During the invention phase, workers in the factory actually used it to listen to their own music. One man came up with the idea of adding headphones and turning it into a design that people could take with them. Sony later used the Walkman name for its line of mobile phones.

How do you buy a cassette player?

When looking for a mobile device that can play cassettes, you need to consider size. A larger stereo that plays these tapes may be too heavy for taking on a run or a walk. Other things to consider include:

  • Battery type: Walkman devices run on either AA or AAA batteries. The stronger the batteries are, the more power you have. Larger models will require C or even D types.
  • Tested: Whether buying a Walkman or another Sony device, always make sure that it works and that it went through testing. A vintage Sony Walkman that no longer works is worth no more than its parts.
  • Headphone jack: Old Sony Walkman devices came with headphones that had foam pieces over the ears. This kept the metal from rubbing against your ears. You can check the jack to see if it's compatible with the earbuds you now wear.
  • Model number: Sony used Walkman on its original vintage cassette players. Later models use the Walkman II or 2 name. These portable models come with a few more features.
  • Radio quality: If you want to use the Sony device when jogging or exercising, check the radio quality. This tells you how clearly some stations will come in as you work out.
Do these models do more than play tapes?

A vintage Sony Walkman will play tapes and let you listen to the radio via a built-in stereo. The Discman, which came out later, replaced the cassette feature with a CD feature. In addition to the Walkman, Sony also made home stereo systems. These systems gave you access to audio settings for adjusting the bass, treble, and other settings. Though some stereo systems only played cassettes, others played CDs and/or records.

What is a playback cassette player?

Sony also made playback cassette players that were similar to the Walkman. These portable devices have space inside for holding a standard cassette. A built-in recorder lets you record notes while in class or a work meeting. You can then press a button and listen to the audio that you recorded. The recorder is strong enough to pick up your own voice and the voices of those around you. You can move the cassette tape forward and back and use any type of cassette in the device.

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