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What You Should Know About CRT Monitors from Sony

See retro content the way it was meant to be with a CRT monitor. These monitors display analog content without the lag introduced by upscaling and digital conversion. Monitors produced by Sony are sought after for their brightness and clarity.

What are some of the benefits of a CRT monitor?

The video output of computers and other devices are designed with particular specifications in mind. If a signal is not supported natively by a display, internal processors work to modify the signal in order to produce an image. When a video source that is meant to be used with a CRT screen is hooked up to an LCD, the result is often noticeably worse than if it had been used with a model of screen it had been designed for.

Hooking up older electronics to high-definition displays can often result in a poorer experience because the newer technology does not support the refresh rate that the content was designed for. The content may also have been designed with a particular screen size in mind. Upscaling or stretching these images on an LCD may reveal artifacts that were never intended by the designer.

What type of content benefits from a CRT?

Content designed for these monitors were designed with specific parameters in mind, including the following:

  • Refresh rate
  • Contrast/deeper blacks
  • Native picture size and shape

Computer and video game hardware designed to work with these devices offer the highest quality experience when viewed on a CRT.Refresh rates play a critical role. Hardware and software designed for use with these units utilized the specific refresh rate to draw the image accurately. Using a non-CRT monitor may result in image distortion or input lag caused by the conversion process. There can also be issues with frame rate. Many monitors currently in production cannot achieve a proper frame rate without the addition of a converter.

What is special about Sony's Trinitron model?

The Trinitron monitor uses proprietary technology to produce a better picture than other CRT devices. These units boasted a 25% brighter image than its competitors. This was achieved by eliminating the need to use a "shadow mask" to create color images. Normally a color image resulted in a dimmer output. By using a three-in-one electron gun to illuminate phosphorus strips, Trinitron models could make colors without a loss in brightness. Sony continued to produce these monitors into the late 1990s.

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