Beautify Your Garden With Solar Pond Fountain Pumps

Water fountains and ponds make wonderful additions to any garden. A solar-powered fountain pump offers a means to add a lively feature to your pond without adding to your electricity bill. You can find a huge range of affordable solar pond fountain pumps on eBay, so check listings and make your garden a beautiful retreat.

Operational benefits of solar pond pumps and fountains

As it is powered by the sun, a solar pond pump has no utility costs associated with its operation. The more sunlight you get, the better the pump will run, so make sure that your preferred position is optimised for the panels. Other benefits include:

  • As a solar pond pump does not need to be wired to the mains, it can be positioned anywhere with enough sun to make power.
  • Solar pond fountain pumps are very quiet and discreet, making for a peaceful feature in your pond.
  • Of course, a solar-powered fountain pump is also environmentally friendly as it uses the sun's renewable energy.
  • There are different sizes of solar pond pump available as well as different methods of operation, so you can pick one that's perfect for your space.
Are solar pond pumps suitable for fish ponds?

If you are looking to provide extra aeration for the fish in your pond, then a solar pond pump or solar air pump might suit your needs. These function in the same way as a solar fountain pump, with solar panels to provide the power, and sometimes a battery for collecting the solar charge. They act in a similar way to a water feature but instead of a fountain, they provide a simple method of adding oxygen to your water.

Solar fountain pump design differences

A solar fountain pump for a small pond usually comes with a pump and fountainhead. The pump is designed to be placed on the pond floor with the fountain attachment above the water. Some small models, however, have an integrated design that floats on the surface with attached solar panels pointing towards the sun. Larger models may have separate solar panels that stand away from the water and connect to the pump with wires. Before purchase, make sure the solar pond pump is powerful enough for the size of your water feature, and that it is positioned to get enough sun to keep it running. For full details on dimensions and capacities, consult the manufacturer's website.