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Soft Plastic Fishing Bait

Soft Plastic Fishing Bait

Soft plastic fishing baits are commonly used by anglers as a substitute for live baits. These soft-bodied baits simulate the characteristics of naturally occurring food sources for the intended game species. Common species that can be caught with soft plastics fishing lures include trout, crappie, bass, and walleye.

What are soft plastic fishing baits?

The soft plastics group of fishing lures is quite inclusive. The lineup includes soft plastic bait of all varieties such as those imitating shad, crawfish, worms, lizards, frogs, insects, and various other creatures that live in or near the water. No matter what species you are fishing for, there is most likely a full assortment of soft plastic lures that is a perfect match.

Why is rigging important?

Whether you are fishing with a plastic worm, minnow, or any other soft plastic bait, the rigging of the bait is important to the anglers success because these baits rely on movement and visual appeal to attract fish. Often designed to imitate the movements of injured prey, the plastic bait presents a easy target that game species find hard to resist.

Common types of rigging include:
  • Texas Rig: A favorite among the bass fishing crowd, this weedless method is great for heavily overgrown areas that big fish love.
  • Shaky Head Rig: Designed to simulate the natural motion of worms, this bait rigging method creates a lot of movement. When paired with a brightly colored plastic lure, shaky head rigging can be a devastating weapon for any fishermans skill set.
  • Wacky Rig: While generally used for stick baits, the wacky rig can be used with almost any soft plastic bait to create a new profile that attracts stubborn fish. By moving the center of the baits gravity, it changes the head and tail movement of the lure and can often help bring on aggressive feeding frenzies.
  • Nose Hooked Rig: This method creates a plastic lure with greatly amplified tail movement. Because the rigid hook is barely inserted into the plastic nose of the bait, the fishing lures natural movement is fostered.
What is swim bait?

Swim baits are a group of plastic lures that are shaped and colored to resemble bait fish like shad or minnows. Often including a paddle tail design, the swimming motion these plastic minnow fishing lures make when being pulled through the water gives them their name. These soft bait lures are a favorite for bass fishermen.

What is a spinnerbait?

A spinnerbait adds a small, metallic blade that moves as the plastic bait is drawn through the water. This blade creates vibration and flash, resembling the scales of minnows and shad, as it moves through the water, drawing the attention of game species. These plastic lures work well for clear water lakes and reservoirs where the full effect of the ambient lighting can be used to lure walleye, bass, and other aggressive hunter fish from their hiding places.

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