Soccer Tickets

Be Part of the Action with Soccer Tickets

If you want to leave the screen behind and experience the thrill of a soccer game first hand, the soccer tickets in this collection might be exactly what youve been searching for as they come in a range of affordable prices. eBay makes it easy to find tickets for the teams you want to see and the venues you want to be at. Plus, there are tons of different games to choose from when you search eBay, and many of the tickets come with extra perks to make the experience even better.

What are some of the venues for soccer games?

Here are some examples of the stadiums in which these games are held:

  • Solider Field: Soldier Field in Chicago is one of the oldest American football stadiums in the country. This field can also be converted to hold soccer matches, and it has a capacity of 61,500.
  • ICC FedExField: This stadium is in Landover, Maryland, and it is primarily used for American football. It has a capacity of 82,000.
  • Hard Rock Stadium: Hard Rock Stadium is in Miami, Florida, and it is designated as a multipurpose stadium. This venue can seat over 65,000 people, and it has enough parking space for 26,718 cars.
Which teams can you buy tickets for?

You can buy soccer tickets for all of the following teams, and there are also plenty of other teams to choose from:

  • Philadephia Union
  • Manchester United
  • USA National Team
  • FC Barcelona
  • Real Madrid
What factors affect the prices of these tickets?

One of the most significant factors that affects the pricing of these tickets is seating. Seats that are closer to the action or that have better views generally cost more, and seats that are farther away or in obscure locations cost less. Also, highly-anticipated matches almost always cost more. For instance, tickets to the FIFA World Cup are the most expensive tickets you can find in the world of soccer. In relation, tickets for less popular teams or off-season events are often available at more affordable prices.

Picking the right tickets

Location is a big factor in picking the tickets that are right for you. If you dont want to travel far, you should pick tickets for events that are happening near your home city. Also, if theres a team that youve been following for a while, seeing them square off against their rivals can be a real treat. Of course, youll also want to consider how close youd like to be to the field, restrooms, concession stands, and so on when selecting the most appropriate seats for you.

Is it possible to buy season tickets?

Yes, in some cases, it may be possible to buy tickets that last you an entire season. These tickets are for only one stadium and team, which means that youll be able to see your team whenever they play games in their home stadium. While these tickets cost more than single tickets, they offer you the security of knowing that you can go see your favorite team play on their home turf any time during the season.

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