Get Ready for the Season by Buying Soccer Cleats

When planning for the soccer season, you'll want to make sure you have all the necessary gear so that you can do well on the field. Soccer cleats come in different styles, and you can find new and used cleats for sale on eBay.

What type of cleats do I need?

This depends on the playing surface, and some leagues may specifically call for certain types. Most new and used soccer cleats fall into these categories:

  • Firm ground - If you're playing on grass, then you'll want cleats that can dig into the terrain without getting stuck. Many newer cleats designed for firm ground are also suitable for turf. Young athletes will most likely be wearing this style of footwear.
  • Hard ground - With shorter conical studs, these types of soccer cleats are better for hard surfaces with lots of dry dirt.
  • Indoor - Playing indoors does not require cleats, but it does require having a proper grip with the surface on the indoor court. Indoor soccer shoes have a flat bottom and are often made of rubber for traction.
  • Soft ground - Muddy fields are slippery, so cleats with longer studs are ideal for these tough conditions.

More expensive shoes have detachable cleats so the player can make changes. Lower-priced soccer shoes come with moulded cleats that are permanently attached.

Do I need a low- or mid-ankle height?

Mid-ankle shoes extend higher, offering more protection against sprains. However, they may limit motion. Many youth players use lower-profile shoes so they can run with more freedom. At the higher levels, speedy forwards and wings tend to use low-ankle soccer shoes.

Soccer shoe materials

You’ll want to wear a shoe that's lightweight and durable in addition to one that can make proper contact with the ball. This allows for speed, agility, and aim while passing or shooting. Materials include:

  • Kangaroo leather - This type of leather, commonly known as K-leather, is ready to wear right away. In other words, you don't need to break it in as you do with other materials because kangaroo leather is soft and supple.
  • Cowhide and full-grain - You'll find eBay soccer shoes made of these types of leather. They're known to be quite durable but not waterproof.
  • Synthetic material - Synthetic fabrics can be manufactured to be waterproof. This is key if you're often playing in wet grass. Cheaper eBay soccer cleats are usually made out of synthetic plastics as opposed to synthetic or natural leather.