A Guide to Choosing Your Snugg iPad Case

When you want to protect your iPad with an attractive and functional cover, a case by Snugg is an fine choice. You can get new and pre-owned Snugg iPad cases on eBay.

What kinds of Snugg iPad cases are available?

There are several different styles of Snugg iPad cases available, depending on what you are looking for. If you want a stand for your iPad, if you plan on doing a lot of writing on your iPad, or if you just need some protection from bumps, there are affordable options that can meet your needs. Here are some basic models that are available:

  • Keyboard: A keyboard cover can make writing a breeze on your iPad, especially if you'll be sending a lot of emails.
  • Folding: When you need a platform to rest your iPad upright, a folding model provides a practical work table that can be used almost anywhere.
  • Shell: A Snugg iPad shell case provides a durable yet simple case.
  • Travel: If you're planning to use your iPad on the go, a travel carrying case can be a good option.
  • Executive: With this model, you have a place to stow credit cards, important documents, and more.
What color options come with a Snugg iPad case?

Snugg iPad covers come in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, pink, purple, and blue. Plus there are metallic shades available like silver and rose gold. If you are looking for something a little different, you can also find Snugg cases in camouflage and a raised square pattern.

What materials do Snugg iPad cases come in?

Below is a list of materials you can expect to see when looking for a Snugg case:

  • Leather: Leather cases are a durable and attractive option for your Snugg iPad case.
  • Combo: Some cases, like the camouflage model, come in a combination of leather and canvas material.
  • Hard plastic: A hard shell can provide excellent protection for your iPad.
  • Silicone gel: A silicone cover can provide lasting protection for your iPad.
What iPads can you cover with your Snugg iPad case?

Snugg iPad cases can be used with any iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro. It is important to know what size case you need. Standard sizes for Snugg iPad cases correspond with the size of the iPad not the size of the Snugg case. Snugg cases can fit 7.9-inch devices, 9.7-inch devices, 10.5-inch devices, and 12.9-inch devices. See the manufacturer site for details.

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