A Snowmobile Is Great for Winter Adventures

Snow vehicles started out as decked-out bicycles with rails, sleighs, and paddles. Since its inception, the snowmobile industry has grown tremendously. Now, you can confidently head out on the trails on a snowmobile whenever a snowstorm comes through the area.

Types of snowmobiles

The variety of new and used snowmobiles for sale on eBay is impressive. Looking for used affordable snowmobiles can save you money and help you get a better model than you otherwise would have bought. Types of snowmobiles for sale include:

  • Vintage: Vintage snowmobiles for sale might not have the bells and whistles that you've become accustomed to, but they can be fun to ride and will look great on display.
  • Trail: Cheap eBay snowmobiles will probably be trail models, as they're entry level vehicles with around 60 or 70 horsepower. They can come with an electric start for convenience, and most riders find them to be lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Performance: These have more powerful engines, usually generating at least 85 horsepower. They are heavier and can be harder to ride for beginners, but seasoned riders will appreciate the higher speed and higher-quality suspension they come with.
  • Touring: One of these models can accommodate up to two riders and includes a back rest for comfort. They'll usually have large windshields and side mirrors, along with longer tracks for more support.
  • Mountain: Long and narrow, these are specifically made for mountainous terrain and the powder you may come across in the backcountry.
  • Utility: A utility snowmobile will get the job done, whether you have to tow a sled or toboggan behind you. They're powerful, long, wide, and heavy.
  • Crossover: Crossovers are versatile, with long tracks that can do well in deep powder. With enhanced suspension, they are also suited for uneven terrain. They're ideal for riders who go between the trail and the backcountry.
Types of engines snowmobiles have

A snowmobile for sale can either have a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. Two-stroke vehicles are known for being responsive, letting you get going quickly. However, they do require more maintenance and take a mixture of gasoline and oil. Four-stroke snowmobiles can be powerful at a wide range of rpms, but they'll be heavier as well. Four-stroke engines are thought to be more durable.

Are there any youth snowmobiles on eBay?

You may be able to find a used snowmobile specifically designed for kids. Most of them will have a four-stroke engine, a limited top speed, and a tether strap that will stop the engine when pulled.

Companies that make snowmobiles

The following companies manufacture snowmobiles:

  • Ski-Doo
  • Yamaha
  • Polaris
  • Arctic Cat