Snowman Christmas Ornaments (1991-Now)

Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Whether you choose a Frosty the Snowman or a White Christmas snowman ornament, you will certainly add cheer to your winter holidays. From retro-90s styles to hipster snowpeople, there are plenty of Christmas and holiday snowman designs and themes to choose from.

What are primitive snowman ornaments?

Primitive, or folk, snowman ornaments are the kinds of Christmas ornaments that harken back to colonial times. Often these types of ornaments are made by school kids just in time for Christmas. They are blocky and created with homemade materials, including non-flammable cardboard, paste, and glitter. Some ornaments are ceramic. These whimsical ornaments are often found in charming Christmas displays.

What are some different kinds of glass snowman Christmas ornaments?

Glass snowman ornaments give every Christmas tree a bit of twinkle. They capture and redirect light, to create warmth and elegance. From fluted edges to delicate orbs, to star- and diamond-shaped accents, these Christmas ornaments are suited for themed trees in stylized environments. Figure ornaments, like a snowman, are often found on holiday trees and wreaths. Contemporary figure ornaments are not as ornate as older ornaments. Contemporary glass Christmas ornaments are smooth and straight-lined while making use of current color-staining technologies.

What are the different styles of snowman ornaments?

Finding a snowman ornament to fit into your Christmas theme or holiday tastes is not a difficult task. There are many snowman styles from which to choose. Here are some Christmas ornament styles:

  • Craft snowman ornaments. A kids’ favorite, these ornaments are made from wood, fabric and other textiles. Crafted into imaginative shapes, some feature only the snowmans head, while others go for a full-figured approach.
  • Sustainable snowman ornaments. Recycled materials are being used more often in Christmas decorations. You can find a snowman crafted from recycled aluminum or another snowman made of cardboard and other materials.
  • Old World snowman ornaments. Traditional in appearance, but contemporary in design, Old World ornaments evoke European Christmas styles. A snowman might be clothed in liederhosen or a Victorian top hat. Current ornaments are just as detailed but feature North American snowman themes.
  • Glow ornaments. Snowman glow ornaments truly light up a Christmas tree or any other Christmas decor.

What are snowman ornaments made out of?

Snowman ornaments are made out of a variety of materials. Designers get incredibly creative. Wood, stone, and glass are often used to create a snowman, but contemporary pieces are made from synthetic materials as well. You can find a plush or fleece snowman as well as acrylic snowmen. Moving from base materials to design materials, you can find bedazzled snowmen, glittering white snowmen and even a snowman made from mirrors.

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