Snow Skis

Choosing the Skis That Fit You and Your Lifestyle

There are many types of winter skis, and there are several factors that you should consider to find the pair that will work for your body type, gender, and skiing conditions. When you’re out skiing on the slopes over winter vacation, you’ll want the pair that fits just right. On eBay, youll find a wide selection of affordable new and used snow skis to suit your needs.

What are the different types of skis?

Aside from water skis, there are several types of snow skis that are suited to different kinds of snow skiing, including but not limited to:

  • Downhill skis - This type of ski tends to be shorter than cross country skis but longer than freestyle skis.
  • Freestyle skis - This kind of ski is shorter and lighter than downhill skis to make tricks easier.
  • Cross country skis - This type of ski distributes the weight of the user the most because the skis are the longest of the three types.

Things you should look for when buying skis

When youre buying skis, you should consider the weight, height, and experience level of the intended user, and you should also consider the type of skiing that will be done on the skis. For most skiers of adult height, the tips of the skis should stand somewhere between your nose and forehead. Skiers who are heavier set can purchase wider skis, or they can go slightly longer. To determine the exact type of ski that you need to purchase, think about how you like to ski and the type of terrain that you most often ski on. If you usually ski on a smaller hill near where you live, your choice in skis should reflect that.

How are mens and womens skis different?

Yes, theyre different in subtle ways, as are childrens skis. Womens skis are usually slightly shorter to accommodate for a slight difference in height. Theyre also lighter. Womens skis also flex more easily to prevent fatigue. Since womens center of gravity is slightly farther back than mens, the binding on the skis is slightly farther forward to make balancing easier. If youre shopping for childrens skis, you might be tempted to buy them a pair that theyll grow into. But this strategy actually makes it more difficult for young children to learn the basics of skiing. When the skis are too long, its more difficult to maneuver.

What brands of skis are available on eBay?

There are several brands of snow skis available on eBay, including:

  • Fischer Pro
  • K2 AMP
  • Head
  • Rossignol
  • Nordica

Whether the end of summer or winter draws near, bringing changes in weather and activity,Seasonal sales give you the opportunity to stock up and ensure youre ready for fun when they roll around again.