Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards Create a Safer Environment for any Business

Sneeze guards can help to prevent the spread of germs, and therefore disease, in areas where social distancing cannot be maintained. Using these plastic dividers as a barrier between people offers added confidence for potential clients, customers, or colleagues.

How do sneeze guards protect against disease?

Sneeze guards provide a physical barrier, or shield, between people to limit the distance germs can travel. Instead of respiratory droplets making their way from person to person, they are stopped with the sneeze guard before others can be infected. Since many people can carry disease without suffering from symptoms themselves, a sneeze guard can protect those who may suffer from symptoms.

Where are sneeze guards used?

Sneeze guards can be useful in a variety of places. They can be placed at check-out counters in nail salons, fast food restaurants, and other service counters where face-to-face interaction is common. They can be placed between urinals or sinks in public restrooms, between desks at the office or in schools, and between seats in waiting areas. You may also find them used on public transportation where social distancing is difficult to maintain.

What types of sneeze guards are available?

There are a variety of types of sneeze guards including stationary and portable guards. They are made of a variety of materials including acrylic, glass, and Plexiglas. Most are made of materials that are clear, so they are easy to see through while still providing shield-like protection. Others are opaque and are better used when personal interactions aren't necessary like in restrooms.

Some guards come with a stand and can be pulled down to a desired level, similar to a movie screen. Many guards have small openings near the bottom so transactions like monetary exchanges and finger nail painting can be accomplished. Others are simply ways to divide up workspaces with no openings in the shield. You will also find a variety of plastic divider brands, including:

  • Hatco
  • Carlisle
  • Vollrath
What sizes of sneeze guards are available?

You can find a huge selection of plastic divider sizes to meet nearly any need. Some can be adjusted to the height of a person, while others might cover an area the length of an office desk. Individual guards are worn on the head like a hat and completely cover the face and part of the neck. These offer extra protection to those who are unable to otherwise be shielded.