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Small Animal Supplies

When you introduce a new pet into the home, such as a bunny or guinea pig, you need to purchase the necessary supplies and accessories to provide the proper care for your small animals. This includes food, bedding, and shelter. Before you begin looking for supplies, find out how big the pet might get and what it needs to be comfortable.

What are some of the supplies needed for small animals?

One of the necessities that you'll need for your bunny, hamster, or guinea pig is food. Each of the small animals that you can have as a pet needs a different kind of food and treats. One pet might need pellets with vitamins while a larger pet would need some kind of kibble or fresh food. A water bottle or water bowl is another item you're going to need for your pet. A rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, or ferret will need a water bottle on the side of the animal's house. Some small animals need to stay in a heated environment, so you want to look at thermometers or heat rocks that will keep the cage warm.

What kind of cages are available?

The type of home that you get for your pet will likely depend on the kind of small animals that you have. A rabbit usually has plenty of room to hop and rest in a cage with a door on one side that allows you to put food and water out for it. Some cages are larger and have an open space where you can put bedding, food, and a water bowl. These would work for a guinea pig. If you have small animals like a hamster or ferret, then a smaller cage with tunnels on the top and a small door on the side or top of the cage would be a better option than a larger environment.

How do animals exercise and play?

Any pet that you have inside or outside the home will need to move around. You can find toys and exercise supplies for small animals such as a bunny or hamster.

  • Wheels: Small animals, like hamsters or ferrets, enjoy running on a wheel that can be put on the side of the animal's home. There are also balls that you can put a small pet in so that they can roll on the floor.
  • Balls: Most larger animals that are still small in size like chasing after a ball, usually one that has a squeaker or bell inside.
  • Chew Toys: To strengthen the teeth, small pets need something to chew on, such as sticks or specially made toys for small mouths.
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