Gear Up With a Slowpitch Softball Bat

To make sure you're ready for the upcoming season, make sure you're equipped with a slow pitch softball bat. Having a bat you feel comfortable swinging can make a big difference in your performance. eBay slow pitch softball bats are widely available.

How can I choose the right measurements?

Bats for slow pitch softball are all 2.25" in diameter and usually 34" long, but they can also be 32" or 33" long. If you're of average height, the 34" should be fine. The shorter bats are more limited in availability, but you may still be able to find used slow pitch softball bats with these lengths. You'll also have to consider weight. Nearly all of the used slowpitch softball bats for sale are between 25 and 30 ounces. Smaller players, or those who want to swing fast, should look for a bat that weighs 27 ounces or less. The heavier bats are suited for bigger players who have more power behind their swings.

Balanced versus end-loaded slow pitch bats

These terms refer to the weight distribution of the bat. Balanced bats, as the name indicates, have an even weight distribution throughout. This gives an average player a better chance of swinging with more speed. The end-loaded bats are heavier toward the end of their barrels. If a player is a power hitter, this will result in a higher likelihood of hitting the ball out of the park.

League bats

Many of the eBay softball bats have a certification stamp, such as:

  • ASA: This stands for the Amateur Softball Association. ASA bats can hit .52 COR 300 compression softballs.
  • USSSA: This stands for the United States Specialty Sports Association.
  • NSA: NSA is the acronym for the National Softball Association.
  • BPF: Bat Performance Factor (BPF) needs to be under 1.21 if you're a member of the senior softball USA SSSUSA league.
Bat materials

When looking for new or used softball bats, you'll have to decide on which type of material you want. Keep in mind that softball bats for sale could be made out of one piece, making them fairly strong and stiff, or they could be made out of two pieces bonded together, creating a bit more flex. Materials include:

  • Aluminum or aluminum alloy: Aluminum is lightweight and strong. Aluminum bats have good responsiveness, and many of the cheap slow pitch softball bats are made with it.
  • Composite: With a typical mixture of carbon fiber, graphite, and fiberglass, composite bats are very strong.
  • Wood: Ash, maple, bamboo, and composite wood are all commonly found in bats, with bamboo and maple being the strongest.