Skin Analyzer Machines

Figure Out What's Going On With Your Skin With a Skin Analyzer Machine

A skin analyzer machine uses UV light to assist in diagnosing common skin conditions, and there are both handheld and full-size machines on eBay. A new skin analyzer machine will often come with several accessories while a used machine may not have accessories, but you can purchase them for a significant discount. Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before embarking on any treatment plan.

What types of skin analyzer machines are on eBay?

There are a few different categories of skin analyzer machines you will find on eBay. Here are the main categories you will see:

  • Lamp: These are generally square in shape and plug into the wall.
  • Handheld: This one is a small machine that runs on button-cell batteries. Although some are rechargeable, the batteries have a long life.
  • Box style: These are larger in size than a lamp or handheld device and can still transport easily, usually from a handle on the top.
Are the UV rays harmful?

You've heard about the danger of UV rays and the importance of sunscreen. But it is not harmful to shine this type of UV light onto your face. A skin analyzer machine uses UV-a rays or a blacklight. It's the safest type of UV ray and, when used at low doses, will not harm your skin. For your safety, use the skin analyzer machine in a dark room. When you do, the light that emanates from the machine will appear to be blue. If you are not trained in the use of this light, talk to your primary care provider before using this at home.

Does a used skin analyzer machine treat skin conditions?

A skin analyzer machine on eBay is for diagnostic purposes only. It will only show you what the problem is, not how to treat it. To receive treatment for your skin condition, you need to see a trained doctor. If you have used this machine at home for a diagnosis, it gives you a good starting point to discuss with the doctor what treatment you should do. On the other hand, when used in a medical office under the direction of a doctor, it helps him or her to diagnose skin conditions appropriately and form a treatment plan with the patient.