Things to Know When You Need to SIM Unlock Your Phone

In the age of Nokia and the earlier versions of smartphones, an online search provided codes you could enter that would instantly unlock your device. However, as technology advances, mobile devices are becoming more complex to unlock. SIM unlock chips and cards are available on eBay to help you unlock your phone.

How do you SIM unlock a phone without a code?

While there are carriers open to unlocking your device, some carriers employ a resource-consuming process to have a SIM unlock. The advent of iPhones did make a roadblock to advancements in the SIM card unlock process. However, a simple search on eBay will give you pages on chips called GPP SIM and R-SIM. These chips are designed and manufactured with the goal of helping your locked device bypass the regulated activation process maintained by technology firms. With these SIM unlock chips or cards, you can switch phone providers to the one of your choosing. You can find affordable SIM unlock cards on eBay.

What are the advantages of an unlocked iPhone?

When you have an unlocked mobile phone, you get to use the services of another network instead of being locked into your current provider. If you purchase a SIM unlock for your iPhone on eBay, you'll discover that there are several benefits. Here are some:

  • Freedom: You have the freedom to choose your mobile service provider.
  • Less expensive: It is a cheaper investment compared with phones on a contract.
  • Flexibility: It offers flexibility for frequent travelers.
  • Control: You have greater control over what you should do with your device.
  • Selectivity: You have a wider range of phones to choose from.
How do you unlock an iPhone with a SIM card?

While mobile devices running Android are pretty easy to have a SIM unlock, iPhones are not. Apple designed these devices to undergo a rigid activation process to ensure the integrity of their smartphones, as well as to prevent the use of stolen devices. If you would like to experiment with other providers, however, there are several ways to bypass the strict ecosystem built by Apple for all their devices. To unlock an iPhone using an R-SIM chip:

  • One: Insert the combined SIM card and R-SIM chip.
  • Two: Long press home for older iPhone models and press the button on the right side for those using iPhone X, XR and XS.
  • Three: Dial *5005*7672*88#
  • Four: Tap on edit ICCID, enter the 20-digit ICCID provided, and press send or accept.
  • Five: Restart your iPhone and activate it as you would a normal iPhone.