Silver Bullion Coins

Many people choose to invest in a variety of precious gems and metals; this type of investing often includes silver coins. These coins can be an excellent opportunity for collectors, since there is a diverse selection available to anyone interested in collecting these coins. With this selection, you’ll be able to add silver bars and coins to your collection.

What is the difference between silver bullion and coins?

Silver bullion is simply silver in the form of ingots, coins, or bars. Some common silver-coin options include U.S. silver Eagles, Australian Kookaburras, and Canadian Maple Leafs. Collectors often choose a variety of these options as well as some of the lesser-known silver coins and bullion options.

How should bullion coins be stored?

You'll have a number of options for storing your silver. You can choose one method or use a variety of methods according to your own needs and preferences. Some of the top storage options for silver bullion include the following:

  • Bank - If you're not comfortable keeping your silver in your home, you might want to consider using a bank for storage. Most banks offer safety deposit boxes in a variety of sizes.
  • Depository - Another option when you want to store gold or silver away from your home is to use a depository. With segregated storage, you'll be able to store your silver bullion in its own secure compartment.
  • Safe - An in-home safe can provide a secure location for storing silver coins as well as a variety of other valuables. You'll be able to choose between digital and combination locks in order to get the level of security you need.
What is a troy ounce?

In the United States, the avoirdupois measure of weights is used when weighing everything except precious metals, gems, and drugs. For precious metals, such as silver, the troy weight system is used. The standard avoirdupois ounce contains 28.35 grams, while the troy measure is a bit heavier, with 31.1 grams. The weight difference might seem almost negligible, but when weighing even small amounts of precious metals, this difference can have a significant impact. It's definitely important to make sure that the right unit of measurement is being used.

Why should you buy silver?

If you are interested in becoming a silver investor, there are a couple of good reasons why buying silver coins might be a great option to consider. For example, silver coins are real money. They aren't paper or digital currency that has nothing to back them. It's a hard currency that has historically been valued for providing a form of money that can be used for all types of products and trade. Additionally, this type of money offers a tangible asset that is often preferred over paper or digital forms of money.