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Collecting Silicone Baby Reborn Dolls Can Be Intensely Satisfying

Collecting a full silicone reborn baby doll is a unique hobby. The artists who create the dolls spend hours on their craft, and the collectors spend a large amount of time interacting with their silicone babies. The reasons for collecting these realistic baby dolls are varied, but the passion is the same.

What are silicone babies and reborn dolls?

A well-crafted reborn baby doll is a doll that has been "reborn" as a lifelike doll that resembles a baby girl or boy in a realistic style. These reborn dolls, also known as silicone dolls and silicone babies, have such a real appearance that they can be mistaken as real infants. The process of creating these lifelike dolls is known as reborning, and the doll artists are referred to as reborners.

How are silicone babies and reborn dolls made?

Making a reborn doll appear lifelike is a complex process. The artists can take an existing full body doll and transform it by hand, or they can buy reborn doll kits that are created by reborn artists. Consumers can purchase a doll kit and have an artist create a silicone baby from the kit, or they can create the doll themselves from the kits. For all methods, many supplies and materials are needed to make the silicone babies as realistic as possible.

What supplies do reborners need?

Reborners can purchase basic starter kits that have most of the supplies they will need, or they can buy the items separately. Some of the inexpensive customary supplies for reborn dolls on eBay are the following:

  • Starter kit: Starter kits come with all the basic supplies needed for reborning a doll.
  • Nose drill bit: A nose drill bit is used for refining the nostrils.
  • Paint thinner: Paint thinner is used to remove the existing paint from the doll's skin.
  • Hair: Artists can add hair or not. If hair is added, it is usually some type of mohair, wig, or human hair.
  • Eyes: Eyes are available in many shapes and sizes.
What is the process of making a reborn doll?

First, the artist removes the paint and disassembles the doll. A blue wash is applied, and the eyes may be replaced. If heat set paints are used, the doll must be heated in the oven or with a heatgun after being painted. Manicured nails and nostril molding are applied. Hair can be added now, and this can be a time-consuming process when adding only a few strands at a time. The doll is weighted, and realistic effects are added with items that mimic breathing and a heartbeat. Heat packs can be inserted to make the doll warm to the touch.

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