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Ford Fusion Side Marker Lights

The side marker lights on a Ford Fusion are somewhat similar to regular parking lights but serve a different function. These side markers act as both reflectors to increase the visibility of the vehicle and help both you and other drivers determine the maximum clearance of your Ford Fusion based on its dimensions. Although these lights are often sealed behind a protective layer, they still require occasional maintenance and care to function properly.

How do Ford Fusion side marker lights work?

The sealed LED lights on the front and rear sides of your Fusion are the side markers, which can also function as trailer lights, clearance lights, hazard lights, or warning lights as necessary. These lighting devices are also auxiliary safety devices that increase the overall visibility of your vehicle, particularly at night, and give other motorists a sense of the proper dimensions and clearance levels of your Ford Fusion. This feature means the LED lights increase road safety and minimize the risk of accidental collisions.

These markers are usually powered by LED bulbs that activate whenever you turn on your car's headlights, although they can also be used as separate markers or reflectors. The single LED bulbs of each light are housed in a socket that is sealed in a protective frame. Front fender LED bulbs produce an amber light while rear quarter panel LEDs give off a red glow.

What types of clearance and marker lights are there?

Although these lights are required accessories on any motor vehicle, there are several options from which you can choose and ways to customize them. While all these lighting devices perform the same basic function, some LEDs have added benefits, such as producing more light thanks to incandescent bulbs or being waterproof. Knowing what options are available to you can help you choose the trailer lights that suit your needs and style. Some options are listed here:

  • You can choose clear lenses to give your LED lights a more classic look and appeal. You can mix and match both clear and amber lenses for a unique style.
  • The housing mechanisms for these LEDs are available in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, oval, round, or standard.
  • Basic side marker LEDs also vary by type since trailer, truck, and clearance lights can serve dual roles as side marker reflectors as well. The versatility of the lights gives you increased customization options.
How do you install sealed LED marker lights?

Because they are required hardware for your vehicle, it's important to maintain the clearance or marker LED lenses and make replacements when necessary. If you've purchased new lights and need to install them, you can follow these basic steps:

  1. Install the LED bulb straight into the appropriate socket.
  2. Secure the socket of the LED in the housing aperture of the light, locking the entire mechanism in place.
  3. Tighten the mounting screws on your new clearance or trailer lights.
  4. Test the lighting system for proper functionality and illumination.