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Acura TL Side Marker Lights

The Acura TL was introduced in 1995 and enjoyed several years as a noteworthy Acura model. It was produced for four generations, with the final generation spanning from the 2009 to 2014 model year. Replacement parts can still be found for this vehicle, including side marker lights.

What are Acura TL side marker lights used for?

Acura TL side markers serve as additional safety components for your automobile. They can be attached to the front and rear sides of the car to provide your TL with additional illumination. This may be especially useful to other drivers and pedestrians during nighttime and times of poor visibility on the road.

Side markers typically consist of one bulb, which is covered by a lens and housed in a frame. This frame attaches directly to the Acura's front fender and rear quarter panel via snaps or screws.

What types of bulbs are there for side markers?

As with your headlights and tail lights, there are three different bulb types available for your Acura TL's side markers:

  • Incandescent: These bulbs are made of glass, with a tungsten filament. As their name implies, these work by incandescence, which refers to the emission of light that's caused when the filament is heated. They are the traditional type of bulb used in automobiles.
  • Halogen: Technically, these are a form of incandescent lighting and operate via a tungsten filament. However, they use different gases than the traditional incandescent bulbs. This gives them a white look that's different from the yellow-white light given by their traditional cousins.
  • LED: LED stands for light-emitting diode. This is a "directional" light source, which means it is energy-efficient and doesn't produce a lot of heat. LED bulbs are rated to last for up to 50,000 hours.
What color are Acura TL side markers?

On an Acura TL, the color of exterior lights is standardized. Forward-facing illumination is white or a select spectrum of yellow. Rear-facing bulbs emit a red glow, and bulbs along the side of a vehicle emit an amber color. You also have the option of choosing smoked lenses.

How do you replace Acura TL side markers?

Keep in mind that this process may vary slightly depending on your model year. Here is a basic overview of the process:

  • In the corresponding wheel well, remove the screws and clip holding the panel. Push the panel aside to gain access to the side marker, and pop it out of place by unsnapping the clips.
  • Remove the assembly from the wiring and set it aside.
  • Connect the replacement to the wiring and then push the assembly into place.
  • Start the ignition and turn on the headlights to test that the replacement side marker is working correctly.
  • Replace the screws in the panel, making sure they are secure.