Buy a Replacement Part for Your Shure M91ED Turntable

You want to make sure that your Shure record player is in working condition. There are plenty of replacement parts available on eBay. These parts can keep your turntable sounding great throughout the years, but there are a few things you should know before making your next purchase.

What do tonearms do?

The sound from a record is produced by the tonearm. The arm gently moves the cartridge's needle to the center of the record. Tonearms must be calibrated in order to work correctly. The cartridge must have the correct height and angle above the record. It is balanced by the cantilever. When the tonearm is correctly balanced, it can follow the grooves on the record. A cable is connected to the tonearm. It transmits the audio to the audio output components.

Can you keep records from skipping on the Shure M91ED?

Most record players have an anti-skate feature. This feature helps the tonearm distribute the appropriate amount of weight to the cartridge. This weight is often called the "skating force." It must be properly balanced to avoid any skipping on the record. You can add or remove the counterbalance weight from the tonearm. The end of the tonearm has a small knob that you can rotate. You want the tonearm to be parallel to the turntable.

Are the tonearm cartridges replaceable?

A turntable's cartridge sees the most wear on a daily basis. You can easily replace the needle and cartridge. It is important to keep the needle from wearing out. It is the one component that touches your valuable vinyl records. A bad needle can damage your vinyl and turntable, too. It is a simple fix to avoid scratches from the cartridge. The cartridge will have to be removed from the head. All you have to do is unplug the old cartridge and install a new one. There are tiny plugs that will need to be connected. Once you have completed that, you can use your new cartridge, but you may have to rebalance the tonearm. It is always a good idea to keep your turntable calibrated.

What replacement parts are available from Shure?

There is a wide selection of parts for the inexpensive Shure M91ED turntable. You can find the right component to keep enjoying your vinyl records. Some of the parts that you can find on eBay include the following:

  • Shure N91D stylus
  • Hi Track stylus
  • EVG PM3136E cartridge
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