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Shower Enclosures and Doors

Bathroom shower doors and enclosures are designed to keep water off the bathroom floor and inside the shower stall or tub. Enclosures and doors come in a myriad of configurations and finishes. Whether it's a standalone, corner, or bathtub shower, replacing the shower's exterior stall and door system is a smart way to finish any bathroom update.

What’s the difference between a framed and frameless shower door?

A framed shower door uses a metal frame to hold the glass in place. Framed glass shower doors are made using single sheets of tempered safety glass.

Frameless shower enclosures are made of thick sheets of custom-cut tempered safety glass, which creates a strong shower enclosure and door that doesn't need a frame to support it.

A framed shower door is lightweight and requires thinner glass to operate correctly. Framed shower doors come in standard sizes. Frameless shower enclosures are held in place with hinges and can be customized to fit the size of any shower opening.

Shower enclosures without frames are designed to open and close using a pivot mechanism. Framed models can have sliding doors that move on a track system or doors that open out.

What are the features of a frameless glass shower enclosure?

Style and ease of use are important considerations when selecting the right shower door panel and water barrier for a bath. Replacing an old sliding shower door and surrounding area with a new frameless door and shower enclosure can improve the overall appearance and functionality of any bathroom.

  • A frameless glass shower enclosure allows more light into the shower or bath.
  • A frameless glass shower enclosure has an open appearance and offers a clean, minimal style.
  • Metal tracks, rollers, and sliding mechanisms are not required to install a frameless enclosure. Instead, the frameless panel is put in place using door hinges and pivot hardware.
  • Unframed shower glass can be custom cut to fit any shape or height.
  • There are a wide variety of hardware choices for frameless enclosures. The finish selection can include polished, brushed, and plated surfaces.
How do you measure for a frameless glass shower door?

You'll need to take two measurements in each direction for the shower enclosure. Record each measurement to the nearest sixteenth of an inch, since the glass for the shower will be custom cut.

  • Measure the width from wall to wall at the top and bottom of the opening.
  • Measure the height from the top of the tile wall down to the top of the shower base or tub on the left and right sides of the opening.
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