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Shop-Vac Vacuum Cleaners

Shop-Vac machines are used to pick up all kinds of messes from construction debris to water in flooded basements. There are various types of Shop-Vacs used today. Here are some things you should know about Shop-Vac vacuums.

What is a Shop-Vac Vacuum?

A Shop-Vac vacuum consists of a canister and a cover with a pump. The vacuum hoses connect to the cover and suck in debris and liquids through the cover and into the canister. The vacuum typically comes with several attachments, a flexible hose, and a filter. The filter is used only when cleaning up dry debris.

How do you pick up water with a Shop-Vac?

A wet and dry Shop-Vac can be used to clean up both dry and wet messes. When converting the unit to a wet vacuum cleaner, you have to remove the filter in the cover before you plug it in and vacuum up the wet mess. If you leave the filter in the machine, the liquid or water you suck through the vacuum will destroy it.

Can I use my Shop-Vac as a water pump?

This depends on the model that you purchase. Some Shop-Vac systems do have a water pump feature. To use these models as as a water pump, you attach a regular garden hose to the side port on the unit. The Shop-Vac will pump the water through the hose to drain or other location as you pour or pull water into it. A Shop-Vac that doesn't have a port for a hose cannot be used as a water pump.

What types of Shop-Vac units are available?

There are three types of Shop-Vacs available, and each one has its own specific use:

  • Backpack: The backpack system allows you to carry everything with you on your back. It comes with extensions to reach high or low hard-to-reach places.
  • Canister: The canister version has four wheels that turn to allow you to pull and turn the Shop-Vac along the floor as needed. This vacuum also comes with a filter for controlling the dust and debris when sucking up dry messes.
  • Handheld: These light-weight, handheld vacuums are useful for cleaning smaller and enclosed spaces like cars, boats, and closets.
What Shop-Vac capacities are available?

Shop-Vacs come in a wide variety of capacities that range from one gallon to 16 gallons or more. Smaller-capacity vacuums are designed for small messes while the larger-capacity Shop-Vacs are used on big messes.

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