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Shop Supplies and Mechanic Tools That Are Essential for a Shop

Whether you have a large shop or enjoy working on automobiles as a hobby, you will want to have all the items you need to work on your projects. Your shop and garage should be stocked with basic shop supplies, mechanic tools, and automotive replacement parts. Having the proper equipment will ensure that you can conduct automotive repairs quickly and efficiently, and you can often save money by buying used supplies and tools.

What mechanic tools should you have in your shop?

Your first order of business is to install the necessary mechanic tools that every shop should have. These are the most useful mechanic tools you should acquire first:    

  • Air compressor - An air compressor is necessary for operating pneumatic tools and lifts. Be sure to get the highest capacity you can, like a 60- or 120-gallon compressor.
  • Jack, jack stands, and pole jacks - Jacks and jack stands are a must for any mechanic shop, in order to lift the vehicle when needed for repairs.
  • Engine hoist - An engine hoist will help when you need to remove the engine for a repair or a rebuild. You will need one that can handle a heavy load.
  • Brake lathe - If you have a brake lathe, you can resurface rotors and drums yourself in your shop. This will ensure that your brake services are expeditiously handled and are not hired out at a cost to you.
  • Strut compressor - Strut compressors are helpful for strut replacement or other types of suspension work.
  • Oil drain and oil caddy - If you are going to be changing oil, then you need an oil caddy that can hold a large amount of fluid. A drain is also required for oil disposal.
  • Battery charger and jumper - Sometimes it really is just the battery. A battery charger and a battery tester are good tools to have.
  • Press - A good press will help with tasks dealing with bushings, bearings, bending metal, and other similar jobs.
  • Transmission jack - A transmission jack will support the weight of the transmission when you are working on this intricate machinery.
  • Vehicle lifts - A good, quality vehicle lift is a must if you want to get under the vehicles to inspect and repair certain systems. Make sure you get a lift that is made by a reputable company and has safety features.

Essential body shop supplies   

It is important to not only have the right mechanic tools, but it is also important to have basic shop supplies. You will need items like protective equipment, solvents, cleaners, shop towels, brooms, dust pans, tape, wire, funnels, pans, drains, poles, and many other items that will help with the small tasks around your shop.    

What basic automotive parts will you need?   

It is a good idea to keep some basic, inexpensive automotive parts around your shop, such as light bulbs, filters, wiper blades, chains, spark plugs, belts, brake pads, and other small, simple items. You will find that you will use these frequently. All of these parts and more can be found on eBay Motors.