Shoe cabinets for convenient storage

Whether it's for work, the gym or hitting the town, most people have a pair of shoes for every occasion. And if you live with other people, the hallway can get pretty busy with shoes! A handy storage space keeps shoes tidy, protects them and makes it easier to find the pair that you want. Luckily, there are plenty of shoe cabinets to choose from on eBay. 

Practical storage for anywhere

Shoe cabinets are a great addition to the hallway, as you can just slip on the right pair as you're heading out the door. If you choose a tall cabinet, it can double up as a hall table too, and you can store essentials like keys and post on top. 

If you have a lot of shoes then a shoe cabinet might work better in the bedroom. You could have a larger cabinet to store all of the shoes that you don't wear that often, and a smaller one by the front door for everyday footwear. 

Size of storage

The shoe cabinets available on eBay range in capacity. On the smaller end, there are shoe cabinets for six to ten pairs, on the larger end, you can find 20 pair shoe cabinets. A small cabinet would be ideal for a single occupancy home. Or if you're a large family then a large cabinet will comfortably hold everyone's shoes. You could even divide up the space, so each family member has their own shoe shelf! 

Choosing the right cabinet

Storage capacity is important, but so is the look of the cabinet. Choose a wooden cabinet in a pale duck egg blue for a classic, country cottage-inspired look. Most of the cabinets available have drawers that open and close like an oven door. The biggest benefit of this is that you can open the door on an angle and quickly glance in to find the pair you want. Other cabinets have double doors that open outwards, perfect if you have a large cabinet with lots of shoes.