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Saturn Vue Shocks and Struts

The Saturn Vue was produced and sold in North America from 2002 to 2010 as a compact, four-door or five-door SUV. The Vue, similar to the Opel Antara sold in Europe, was marketed in several trim lines and was a vehicle with a sporty feel and plenty of room. Any car's shocks and struts are an important part of the suspension, and replacement parts for your Saturn Vue can keep it running with a firm, comfortable ride over the years.

What are shocks, struts, and springs?

Shocks, struts, and springs are all an important part of the Saturn Vue's suspension system, this equipment keeps the SUV riding comfortably over potholes, uneven pavement, rough roads, and other obstacles. These parts keep the vehicle from bouncing and clanging, leading not only to a more comfortable ride for drivers and passengers but to a far safer driving experience. The suspension on the Vue keeps the vehicle riding evenly and smoothly.

  • Shocks: Shock absorbers use pistons and hydraulic fluid to take in the shocks caused by rough roads, uneven paving, or other roadway dangers. They stop the SUV from jumping excessively and keep it riding firmly on the road.
  • Struts: These combine the absorbing effects of a shock with the car's coil springs to produce one unified assembly. Unlike shocks, struts are part of the structure of the Vue's suspension system and are mounted to the SUV's chassis. They keep your SUV riding smoothly and firmly despite roadway bumps, holes, and other difficulties.
  • Springs: Coil springs are made from steel and manage your Saturn's response to roadway obstacles.
What shocks and struts does the Vue need?

The Saturn Vue generally uses front struts and rear shocks. They should be replaced in pairs; if you replace only one half of a pair, the suspension will be uneven and will lead to accelerated wear on the older suspension part. Check your SUV's model year in order to ensure you select the right shocks and struts for your vehicle.

How do you know when to replace shocks and struts?

You should have your Vue's suspension inspected every 60,000 miles. These parts wear out as a normal course of operation and require replacement in order to keep your Saturn running smoothly and safely. There are also some signs that can indicate that your suspension parts need replacement.

  • Excessive bounce: Shocks and struts dampen the bounce caused by springs when the Vue rolls over potholes or rough roads. Excessive bouncing could indicate they need replacement.
  • Front diving or rear dipping: If you see the front end of your Vue diving when braking or the rear dipping back when accelerating, this could be a sign that your shocks or struts are worn and need replacement.
  • Tire unevenness: The suspension keeps your car rolling smoothly on the ground. Worn shocks or struts can lead to cupping, uneven wear patterns that scrape parts of the trad from your tires.