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Shocks and Struts for the Pontiac Vibe

Understanding the purpose of shocks and struts on your Pontiac Vibe vehicle is the first method of ensuring the suspension system is in good repair. These components are subjected to rough conditions when the car is driven. Knowing what products are available and what products are specifically designed for your Pontiac goes a long way to enjoying a comfortable and safe driving experience.

What is the purpose of Pontiac Vibe shocks and struts?

Shocks and struts are major components of the suspension system in your year Pontiac Vibe. The shocks, or shock absorbers, reduce the amount of shock that a vehicle experiences, especially when traveling over uneven surfaces. Struts connect to the frame of the vehicle, providing an increased amount of stability and control for the car when it is driven. These components ensure that your Pontiac travels in a straight path when driven. The shocks and struts also reduce any rolling experienced when the vehicle is turned either to the left or right.

Can you test your own shocks for damage or wear?

Yes, there are some simple tests you can do to see if your Pontiac Vibe shocks may require replacement.

  • Inspect the height of your car. If you know what height your car measures from the ground, you can park your car on a flat surface and conduct this test. Measure the height and compare it with the recommended height specs for the car.
  • Perform the stress test. Facing the car from the front, place your knee or foot on the car's bumper. Shift your weight from side to side while pushing down on the vehicle’s bumper. Remove the pressure and inspect the amount of bounce that is returned. If there is a stiff return with minimal bounce, the shocks are most likely in good repair. However, if there is excessive sway or movement, this may signify that the shocks are worn or weak.
  • Visual inspections. You can look at your car for signs of damage by feeling around for any wet spots. This may be a sign that the fluid within the shock is leaking out due to damage, making this part ineffective.
What is the purpose of a Pontiac Vibe strut boot?

A strut boot fits over a strut as a form of protection for your Vibe's suspension. These boots prevent dirt and debris from building up around the strut, which in turn will cause unnecessary wear and damage. A strut boot also prevents the gas and oil of certain types of struts from leaking out and causing premature replacement.

When should shocks and struts be replaced?

It is suggested by many manufacturers that you have your model Pontiac Vibe shocks and struts replaced every 50,000 miles. Your shocks and struts should also be inspected regularly for damage or wear. When you notice excessive movement or vibration, rolling when turning the vehicle, or abnormal noises coming from around the tires, you should inspect the shocks and struts.

How do you know when to change strut mounts?

Strut mounts are necessary for holding a strut in place. With the amount of pressure placed on the strut mount, these parts can wear out over time. It is suggested that whenever you have your Pontiac Vibe struts replaced, the strut mounts should be replaced as well.