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Shocks and Struts for Mercedes-Benz S430

The Mercedes-Benz S430 is a full-sized luxury car produced between 2000 and 2006, offering a spacious interior and a smooth, comfortable ride. Featuring a range of integrated electronics and powerful engines as part of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the vehicle was also home to a specialized air-controlled suspension system. There are an array of replacement parts, conversion kits, performance options, and other choices to help maintain the suspension and comfort of your S430.

What is the Mercedes S430 air-controlled suspension?

The S430 was created with a unique suspension system called Airmatic, which stands for Adaptive Intelligent Ride Control. This dampening system not only involved air-controlled suspension parts, but also a software system and electronic controls that automatically adjusted the level of dampening in response to speed, road conditions, and weight inside the vehicle. The S430 suspension system was designed to automatically lower at higher speeds and balance out disparate weights inside the Mercedes-Benz. The Airmatic system also features manual controls that the driver can use to lift up the car's undercarriage while traveling over rough roads, rocky areas, or potholes that could otherwise damage the undercarriage of the vehicle.

What are the parts for the Mercedes-Benz suspension?

Because the Mercedes-Benz S430 uses a specialized, proprietary system, it requires some specialized replacement parts. The Airmatic system includes an air pump, lines that direct air to each wheel, and four air-powered struts. The S430 features four of these parts, all of which are air-controlled, in line with the Mercedes-Benz's overall suspension. Some drivers prefer a traditional coil-spring suspension; conversion kits that alter the suspension to a coil-spring system are also available.

What are signs that the Mercedes-Benz suspension needs replacement?

It's important to maintain the suspension system of your Mercedes-Benz S430 in order to keep the Mercedes-Benz's ride smooth, powerful, and comfortable and protect the undercarriage, tires, and bearings of the vehicle. You should have your car inspected every 50,000 miles of driving to ensure that the suspension is functioning properly and to determine if replacement parts are needed. Because of the unique system on this vehicle, the car shares common signs that suspension parts need replacement; there are also some indicators that are particular to the Mercedes-Benz S430 to keep in mind.

  • Low-sitting vehicle: If your Mercedes-Benz is sitting very low over the wheels, this could mean that the air pump in the Airmatic system has failed. If it sits very low over only one wheel, this could mean that there is one bad part that must be replaced.
  • Bouncing excessively: If the car no longer offers a smooth, luxurious ride but instead feels bouncy or jostles while going over uneven pavement or other obstacles, this could indicate that your suspension parts need replacement.
  • Front or rear diving: If your Mercedes dips in the front or rear as you brake or accelerate, this could mean that the front or rear suspension parts have failed and require replacement.