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Shocks and Struts for Lincoln Navigator

Before selecting shocks and struts for Lincoln Navigator, it is helpful to understand how these components operate within the vehicle. With a wide selection of shocks and struts to choose from, you can find the replacements you need for your Lincoln Navigator.

How do shocks and struts work in the Lincoln Navigator?

The Lincoln Navigator has an air suspension system. This means that there are air bellows located in the vehicle instead of non-mechanical springs that wrap around the shocks and struts. These bellows are made from strong rubber and plastic bags that are designed to inflate to a specified pressure and height in a manner that mimics non-mechanical options. The struts in the air suspension system are bolted on the front of the vehicle and connect directly to the chassis. These parts along with the air springs allow the vehicle to drive straight and maintain a specific height when traveling over bumps or uneven surfaces.

The shocks are located on the back of the Lincoln Navigator. These parts absorb shock so you experience a comfortable ride while driving the automobile.

What are strut mounts?

Strut mounts are the components that hold the struts of a vehicle into place. These mounts are located above each wheel on the driver and passenger side of the automobile. The strut mounts have the ability to help the struts maintain the pressure that is placed on the chambers when the strut is compressed.

What is an air-to-coil conversion kit?

An air-to-coil conversion kit allows you to change the type of suspension that is found on the vehicle. While air options are composed of plastic and rubberized bags that depend on an air compression pump to maintain a specified pressure and height, the coil springs eliminate the need for these parts. A conversion kit contains the springs, mounting bolts, bushings, and plugs necessary to make the conversion possible.

What is an air suspension compressor for the Lincoln Navigator?

An air suspension compressor is a pump used in an air suspension system on a vehicle. This compressor has the ability to push air into the bellows used for raising the vehicle and maintaining a consistent suspension pressure. When the air pressure inflates these bellows, the chassis of the vehicle raises up from the axle of the automobile.

What is a strut assembly for the Lincoln Navigator?

A strut assembly is the entire component used on the front wheels of the Lincoln Navigator's suspension. These assembly units contain the springs, bushings, rings, O-rings, and sometimes boots necessary for making a complete replacement. The strut assembly is already assembled and ready for installation.