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Lexus LX 470 Shocks and Struts

This luxury SUV by Lexus takes you around town in style, and it’s rugged enough for weekend adventures. A good set of shocks ensures a comfortable ride no matter what the terrain. If you need to replace the shocks on your Lexus LX 470, factory and aftermarket options are available.

What are shocks and struts for the Lexus LX 470?

Each wheel on a vehicle has either a shock absorber or a strut. Shocks absorb the bumps and jolts that you encounter as you drive. Struts do the same, but they also help support the vehicle’s chassis. The Lexus LX 470 does not use a strut assembly. It has shock absorbers on all four wheels.

When should you replace the shocks on the LX 470?

Whenever it becomes obvious that the shocks on your Lexus aren’t performing the way they should, they need to be replaced. Shocks don’t just make the ride more comfortable, they also play a role in the handling. Driving on bad shocks can be a safety hazard. It’s important to remember that you should replace shocks in pairs.

If you notice any of the following signs, you may need to check the shocks.

  • The ride becomes noticeably bumpy and the Lexus continues to bounce after it hits a bump or hole. If the shocks are badly worn, the vehicle may “bottom out” during a jolt.
  • You may feel excessive vibration through the steering wheel.
  • When you brake, the car may swerve slightly, or the front end may dive toward the pavement.
  • There may be uneven wear on the tires.
  • You may hear rattling or other unusual noises from the wheel area.
What are the shock absorber options for the LX 470?

You can choose from several styles of shocks for this Lexus. Exact factory replacements are available, but you can also find aftermarket parts that fit this SUV. The factory shocks feature Active Variable Suspension and Adjustable Height Control.

Active Variable Suspension is the ability of the shock absorber to adjust to changing road conditions within 2.5 milliseconds. It has 16 settings and automatically self-adjusts each shock independently for the optimal firmness on each wheel.

Adjustable Height Control allows you to set the height of this Lexus. If you're traveling over rough terrain, you can choose the High setting. The Normal setting is for normal driving. The Low setting makes it easy to get in and out of the LX 470 or unload cargo.

The suspension also self-adjusts the height in certain circumstances. For example, if you set the suspension to the Low setting when it’s parked, it will automatically raise to Normal when you begin to drive.

If you prefer standard shock absorbers, you can convert your Lexus LX 470. Aftermarket options that don’t support the Active Variable Suspension and Adjustable Height Control are available and won’t have any negative impact on the vehicle.

Most aftermarket shocks for this SUV are gas-charged with dual tubes. You may want to consider high-performance types if you use your Lexus LX 470 for hauling or towing.