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Shocks and Struts for Lexus ES300

The Lexus ES300 is designed as a luxury sedan. The suspension system designed for these vehicles goes a long way to ensure the high level of comfort that is expected from this class. Understanding how the struts and shock absorbers work in the suspension system allows you to make an informed decision when choosing replacement parts for your vehicle.

How do the Lexus ES300 shocks and struts work?

The shocks and struts are important parts of the Lexus ES300 suspension. The shocks are connected to the rear wheels of the vehicle. Their purpose is to control the amount of shock the vehicle experiences when driving over uneven surfaces. The struts are connected at the front of the vehicle and are bolted directly to the chassis of the automobile. The purpose of the struts is to prevent the Lexus ES300 from swaying when it is in motion.

What is a coilover for the Lexus ES300?

A coilover is a term used for a coil spring that is mounted over a shock. This part allows the driver to adjust the height and preload on the automobile. The adjustment is possible by using a threaded spring perch that is similar in design to a nut.

What components are included in a strut assembly?

A strut assembly includes everything necessary for making a full strut replacement on the automobile. These units include a bearing plate, an upper spring seat, boot kit, upper and lower spring isolators, coil spring, and a strut. The strut assembly makes it possible to do a complete replacement without changing out each of the different parts of the unit.

What is a performance gas shock?

A gas shock is the part of the vehicle's suspension that absorbs shock. While all shocks contain hydraulic oil that allows for this type of performance when the automobile is in motion, this oil can begin to foam when the unit heats up during normal usage. Pressurized nitrogen gas is added to a gas shock to minimize this foaming and ultimately increasing the life and operation of the shock absorber.

What is a strut boot?

A strut boot is a covering made of rubberized and plastic materials that are designed to fit over a strut assembly that is installed on an automobile. The purpose of the strut boot is to keep out any unnecessary dirt or debris that would otherwise interfere with the various components of the strut. By doing this, the strut boot can increase the life of the strut. A strut boot also helps to hold in the oil that is found inside of the chamber of this suspension unit.