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Kia Sorento Shocks and Struts

Kia put a great deal of thought into designing the suspension system for the Sorento in order to give it a smooth ride. With the Sorento, Kia optimized the components of the suspension by using strong struts for stability along with powerful shocks to absorb bumps in the road. This combination improves the driving experience.

What parts provide suspension for a smooth ride?

Struts are used in the front of the automobile to connect the wheels to the suspension. They hold the vehicle in place, at the right height from the ground, and balance it properly during braking. For the rear wheels, shocks are used to absorb any pressure from bumps in the road that the rear tires experience.

How do struts and shocks differ?

These parts perform a similar basic function, in that they both reduce bounce when a vehicle travels over a bump in the road. However, they are quite different in many other respects. These parts on a Kia Sorento are not interchangeable. The Sorento uses struts on the front wheels and shocks on the rear wheels.

A shock only absorbs the pressure of a bump and nothing more. A strut is an integral part of the suspension and is responsible for many more functions. They are part of the steering system for the vehicle and they hold the wheels in proper alignment. As part of the suspension, they attach to the vehicle frame at the top and to the wheel at the bottom. They have a spring coil to absorb the bumps. When struts are replaced, a new wheel alignment is necessary to complete the repair. Shock replacement does not require wheel alignment.

When should struts and shocks be replaced?

With regular vehicle use, the suspension parts will eventually wear out over time. It is better to have your mechanic regularly check the suspension system and replace parts when they are seriously worn instead of waiting for a part to fail. When they are worn down, you should replace them, even if you are not yet experiencing discomfort. When the struts and the shocks desperately need a replacement, this has such an obvious effect on your comfort that it is easy to tell that there is a serious problem. As long as you are taking your Kia Sorento in for regular maintenance, your mechanic will be able to tell you if your shocks or struts need to be replaced. A mechanic will typically inspect these parts when changing the oil or rotating the tires.