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Jeep Wrangler Shocks and Struts

The Jeep Wrangler is known for being an off-road vehicle that can handle a variety of road and weather conditions with its four-wheel drive. A good suspension is critical for these vehicles as it allows the Jeep Wrangler to maneuver a variety of obstacles. Shocks, too, are an integral part of this setup as they ensure high performance and a smooth ride when going over bumps and around corners.

How do shocks function on a Jeep Wrangler?

Shocks and struts are very important for controlling the movement of your Jeep vehicle. They do this by controlling how the parts of the suspension are able to move. Shock absorbers provide similar functions, but they are not identical. Shocks are responsible for controlling the movement of the springs while struts offer similar functionality and also provide structural support to the suspension. Both of these parts function using hydraulic fluid. When the body of the Jeep shifts from side to side or front to back, the shock absorbers respond by attempting to counteract the movement. This prevents a bump from causing the body of the car to tilt too far in one direction.

How do you maintain shock absorbers on Jeeps?

Proper care for your rear and front shocks is critical to ensure that they continue to function properly. These parts often accumulate a large amount of dust, dirt, and other particles from the roadway due to their locations on the car. Failing to clean your shock absorbers can result in rust, corrosion, or leaks. The steps listed here will help you through the process of cleaning your shock absorders:

  1. Lift up your Jeep Wrangler and remove the front and rear wheels. Cover up the pieces of the braking system, including the caliper and rotors, to prevent any damage to these pieces.
  2. Spray off the shock absorbers to remove all loose dirt and other substances using a hose.
  3. Apply a thin layer of oil to the shock assembly as this can help it to function more effectively and last longer, increasing the amount of time between replacements.
  4. Remove the covers over the braking mechanism and replace the wheels onto your Jeep Wrangler, being sure to tighten them securely.
What is an adjustable shock absorber in a Jeep Wrangler?

An adjustable shock absorber can be utilized on both the front and rear of your Jeep Wrangler. They allow you to fine tune your suspension for optimal performance. Adjustable shocks can be tightened when driving on flatter conditions that involve a lot of turning. This will cause the Jeep Wrangler to handle better. Tighter shocks also reduce the chance of the car lifting up off the ground around turns. On the other hand, you can also loosen the shocks to allow for slightly more body roll. This allows the car to handle on rougher, off-road terrain more effectively and to provide a softer ride.