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Shocks and Struts for Jaguar X-Type

Familiarizing yourself with your Jaguar might save you a future headache. A shock or strut system on a Jaguar X-Type compact sedan is a part of the vehicle suspension system. A car may have all shocks, all struts, or a combination of both depending on whether the car is all-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, or front-wheel-drive.

What purpose do shocks and struts serve?

The AWD struts and shocks of a Jaguar X-Type absorb the bumps and shakes you receive while you are riding. Both options help to dampen the movement of the car's springs when going over a bump. The reduced motion that shocks or struts provide can reduce jarring and help to prolong the lifespan of the engine, transmission, brake system, and other components. In particular:

  • Shocks are pneumatic pistons filled with air, gas, or oil. The valve inside the shock slows the speed at which the shock will compress or extend. These are pieces that are separate from the structural components of the car and can be attached and detached.
  • Struts are structural components of the vehicle's suspension system and also a component of the steering system. A strut is made of several components that include the strut body or insert, bump stop and boot, upper mount, coil spring, and spring seat.
How do you test Jaguar X-Type struts?

Testing the life of your shocks and struts requires what is known as the bounce test. In this test, you will find out how much your X-Type bounces and get an idea as to how well the shocks and struts are performing. This test can diagnose concerns with individual struts and ensure you fix them properly. This can be done on a machine inside a garage. A less formal bounce test can be done by driving on a bumpy road.

Typically, you should notice concerns with the shocks in the rear seats and the front seats. You may also notice differences in the operation of your powertrain and drivetrain. This problem is common in front-wheel-drive cars and depends on your model year and the specs for your struts. Your wheelbase, mileage, and steering control will also impact the lifespan of your suspension components.

How do you choose shocks or struts for your Jaguar?

Shocks and struts for your X-type can come with a number of different ratings. The recommended weight will increase if you have a diesel or larger gas engine. All-wheel-drive transmissions require similar suspension systems on all four wheels.

Within recommended specs, you have some choice regarding the feel of the suspension. Some of the reasons to choose a stiffer or softer suspension can include:

  • Soft Suspension: If your all-wheel-drive XJ is driving down bumpy roads, a soft suspension will allow the cab to feel less motion on these bumps.
  • Stiff Suspension: If your five-speed or six-speed regularly takes fast corners or drives at high speeds, a stiff suspension gives you added steering control when turning or when driving fast.
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