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Infiniti I35 Shocks and Struts

The Infiniti I35 is a luxury sedan designed to provide comfortable transportation around town. Having dependable shocks and struts installed on the automobile ensures the high level of comfort and reliability that was intended. Knowing how these suspension parts operate within the suspension system helps you to select replacement parts that meet your needs and the specifications of your vehicle.

Where are the Infiniti I35 shocks and struts located?

The shocks and struts of the Infiniti I35 are components of the vehicle's suspension system. The struts are mounted on the front of the vehicle by the wheels and connected to the automobile chassis. These components ensure that the vehicle is stable and drives straight while in motion. The struts ensure that the driver maintains control of the automobile when traveling over uneven surfaces. The shocks, also known as the dampers or shock absorbers are located on the rear wheels. The purpose of the shocks is to provide comfort from the shock and vibration that occurs when traveling over potholes or bumps located on the road.

How do struts in an Infiniti maintain their necessary pressure?

When struts are installed on a car, they are first compressed. This pressure is held in place by the strut mounts on which the struts are bolted. The hydraulic oil installed in the chamber of the strut allows internal push rod to move as needed for dampening the vibration.

What does an Infiniti I35 strut assembly consist of?

A complete strut assembly for your model Infiniti I35 consists of all necessary parts to make a full replacement. These units consist of both upper and lower spring isolators, a replacement bearing plate, an upper spring seat, strut, coil spring, and strut boot kit.

What is a strut boot kit?

A strut boot kit is designed to fit over the strut of a vehicle. These kits contain a rubberized boot that protects the strut piston inside of the chamber of the strut from being damaged from stones, sand, water, mud, and other abrasive materials that the vehicle comes into contact with while driving. The boot also provides protection for the oil seal that is installed on the strut.

What are the benefits of installing a strut mount bearing?

A strut mount is under constant pressure from the compression of the strut. This stress is increased when the vehicle travels over a bump or pothole on the surface of the road. A strut mount bearing is designed to fit between the mount and strut to provide an additional level of cushion. This increases the life of the strut and mount, as well as provides more comfort to the driver and passengers in the car.